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There's one that's been for sale for about 4 months now, and I finally decided to go check it out...The problem is, when I went to search for it on the internet...anywhere (Cars.com, Autotrader, even Google Images), and I'm positive it wasn't a 240SX (It had Z badging on it), there were no results...Does the owner not know what year the car is? Because I've looked around and seen some from 1989 and earlier. Anybody know any info about this? Lol. Any comments appreciated.

posted by  chris_knows

If you get a 240 I will literally hand you over my truck for it along with 10 virgins..

posted by  99integra

It was pretty cheap too...$3,700 but I could talk him down a bit because it's been there for almost half a year and the windshield has a couple of minor scratches lol...Now these 10 virgins that you speak of, they're girls, right? :laughing: JP

posted by  chris_knows

knowing steve i wouldnt be so sure

posted by  newyorker

damn that was a good burn..haha THEY'RE GIRLS

posted by  99integra

Im pretty sure the owner doesnt know the year :2cents:

good luck with getting a sweet car :thumbs: lol

posted by  nighthawk

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