max speed per gear on the 02 RSX type s

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ive been searching the net for a couple days now. and i cant find an accurate answer. anyone knows?

posted by  Ki2AY

Does it really matter? Maz speed as in redlining it? Or max speed as in how fast should you go before shifting? Just because I CAN hit 50mph in first gear in my 88 Mustang doesn't mean I do, I run out of power before then.

posted by  Pythias

I'll look around, there was an article a while ago in Road & Track...found it, and it has some stuff like gear ratios and mph/1000RPM but doesn't say top speed/gear. I'll look around though.

posted by  chris_knows

Found this ( program, where you put in the RPM and select the gear and it tells you what speed you'd be travelling at. I tried joining some forums but none of them let me start threads lol.

posted by  chris_knows

yes it matters, or i wouldnt have spent so much time looking for the answer.
i dont need to know when i should shift. i just wana know what is the max speed you can reach at a specific rpm (8,000) per gear.

posted by  Ki2AY

yeh ive actually seen a chart like that. i cant find it at all. i even checked acura forums.

posted by  Ki2AY

Then why don't you enlighten us all why it matters what mph you can reach by redlining your car?

posted by  Pythias

:screwy: Also since you own this car, why don't you go find out the answers for yourself?

posted by  Pythias

why not just go to a big open area and check

posted by  newyorker

dude, im the one asking questions here. stop acting like a smart ass. its my business not yours.
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posted by  Ki2AY

You just want the theoretical top speed per gear? Because, all the info I need in order to do that is the gear ratios, red line and the tires you've got on your car.

What's your car's redline, gear ratios, and what tires do you have on?

I'll do the math for ya once you get back to me with this info. I'll meet you halfway.

posted by  Godlaus

ok thanks. i have the gear ratios.

1st 3.267
2nd 2.130
3rd 1.517
4th 1.147
5th 0.921
6th 0.738
dont know if it matters but...
Reverse 3.583
Final 4.389

lets say the tires are stock. everything is. the redline stretches from 8000-9000.

you mind telling me how you will find out?
lets say this is a flat road.

posted by  Ki2AY

I still need the tire size.

but basicaly, I'm going to take the redline, and find the multiplier so that I find the wheel revolutions in each gear at 7000 engine revolutions. Then, I 2piR it to find the distance of one wheel revolution, factor that into miles, then find the Miles/Hr for each gear.

posted by  Godlaus

can you calculate it if the driver was to shift at 8000. thx

posted by  Ki2AY

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posted by  newyorker

Did he say anywhere that he DID own the car? lol

posted by  chris_knows

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posted by  Ki2AY

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posted by  newyorker

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posted by  giant016

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posted by  newyorker

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posted by  chris_knows

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posted by  Ki2AY

true!!! its been traded in for a wrx, i just want to compare my previous car to mines now. ive been to clubrsx forum and
apperantly, they only have info for the 05 and beyond.
and from my understanding the 05 and 06 may have the same engine, but the gear ratios may be a little different. im not to sure.

posted by  Ki2AY

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posted by  newyorker

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posted by  newyorker

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posted by  Pythias

It really doesn't matter, you should shift right after you make peak power.

posted by  PontiacFan27

I'm already doing math homework tonight, I'll have it done by tommorrow night.

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posted by  Godlaus

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posted by  Ki2AY

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So wait, you want to compare your current car to your old car, by comparing how fast each one goes in each gear? I'd think even a fvcking retard would realize a better comparison might be, Oh I don't know, how much power each produces, sh*t you could even go with which one is worth more, or holds its value better. You're a fvcking idiot. Like I as well as others have said, it doesn't matter, where you make your peak power is jack@$$

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posted by  Pythias

first of all, i know which car is faster, i know each vehicles value and i didnt ask how much power each vehicle produces. second there is no others and third i didnt ask if it matters to you or not i asked what the rsx top speed is in each gear. theres a difference.:screwy: it may not matter to you but keep in mind i am the thread starter and im asking the question because it matters to me.

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posted by  Ki2AY

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posted by  newyorker

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posted by  Ki2AY

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posted by  Pythias

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posted by  Ki2AY

So much for:


posted by  car_crazy89

come on godlaus wheres your godly calculations!!!

posted by  Ki2AY

Is that you?

posted by  Pythias

that is correct.

i think i know where your trying to go with this thats why you spent so much time investigating

posted by  Ki2AY;f=9;t=1412;st=0

Thats you to I'm guessing? If not.

This is for the RSX-S

RPM 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1000 5.2 7.9 11.1 14.7 18.3

1500 7.8 11.9 16.7 22.1 27.5

2000 10.3 15.9 22.3 29.5 36.7

2500 12.9 19.8 27.8 36.8 45.9

3000 15.5 23.8 33.4 44.2 55.0

3500 18.1 27.8 39.0 51.6 64.2

4000 20.7 31.7 44.6 58.9 73.4

4500 23.3 35.7 50.1 66.3 82.6

5000 25.9 39.7 55.7 73.7 91.7

5500 28.5 43.6 61.3 81.0 100.9

6000 31.0 47.6 66.8 88.4 110.1

6500 33.6 51.6 72.4 95.8 119.3

7000 36.2 55.5 78.0 103.1 128.4

7500 38.8 59.5 83.5 110.5 137.6

8000 41.4 63.5 89.1 117.9 146.8

add to the chart: 6th gear @
1000RPM = 22.9MPH
2000RPM = 45.7
3000RPM = 68.6
4000RPM = 91.4
5000RPM = 114.3
6000RPM = 137.1
7000RPM = 160
8000RPM = 182.8

posted by  Pythias

rsxzone. i never heard of that forum. thats not me.
why the **** do you care so much.
oh and thx for the chart

[edit] btw, poster #3 says those arent accurate. so that cant be right.

posted by  Ki2AY

Just bored. And that chart should work for, your gear ratio numbers were only off by like .01 on the first and final, prolly just a typo.

posted by  Pythias

Meh I read it all and it looks like the other guy was just skeptical, the one that posted the chart sounds like he knew what he was doing.

Quote (bsircy @ Aug. 30, 2002 10:02 am CST)
those aren't right.

What's wrong... show me!

Here's a website to use and what you need to calculate.

And here are the gear ratios and final drive.

5-speed manual transmission Ratios (:1)

3rd....................... 1.212
4th....................... 0.921
5th....................... 0.738
Final Drive............ 4.388

6-speed manual transmission Ratios (:1)

1st....................... 3.266
2nd...................... 2.130
3rd....................... 1.517
4th....................... 1.147
5th....................... 0.921
6th....................... 0.738
Final Drive............ 4.388

5-speed automatic transmission with Sequential SportShiftTM and Grade Logic Control Ratios (:1)

1st........................ 2.684
2nd....................... 1.500
3rd........................ 0.984
4th........................ 0.733
5th........................ 0.571
Final Drive............. 4.562

Use the stock tires 205/55/16

From the sounds of it he calculated it.

posted by  Pythias

good enough.

posted by  Ki2AY

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