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i need to know how are Toyota Celica's are they reiable and what are their specs:thumbs:

posted by  Leech3030

We'll need to know some more details...What year, trim, etc.

posted by  chris_knows


a 1991 or 2

posted by  Leech3030

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Celicas are on the whole reliable, but generally speaking, you're only gonna get blistering performance out of thr AWD GT4! Or all-track? in the States? or is that bit wrong? lol. btw, that image isn't authorised...apparently :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

i had my 88 alltrac (st165). older body style, but, the st185, 91-92 celica alltrac, has a little more power. has an air to air intercooler instead of the water to air intercooler such as the one i had. because theyre built by toyota, they are reliable. but they do tend to have problems because theyre turbod, power can mess things up sometimes

posted by  mazda6man

First off, Never buy a car with a turbo because most likley the last owner raced around all day in it, and second i doubt you will find any car to be reliable if its a 91 or 92 UNLESS its been takin care

posted by  realsrrybouttha

That's not true. It depends on the make. It needs to be "taken care of" from the factory first.

posted by  Bronxie

Out of the many naive statements here at CF, that one rates well within the top ten...:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

i ve change my mind on the celica, im still looking for other cars still

posted by  Leech3030

Oh youngin's these days...

posted by  PontiacFan27

ok People who dont take care of ANY car is likley for the car not to be that reliable. My uncle had a 88 toyota truck that lasted 740,000 miles before it gave up and thats because he took care of it. My sister had a 98 corolla that blew at 101,000 miles because she didnt take care of it for the 20 k or something miles she had it. (she got it with 80 k or something) For the turbo just make sure its been taking care of.

posted by  realsrrybouttha

You seem to be under the assumption that all or most turbo cars have/had been thrashed at some stage. Even cars that have been looked after go wrong, it's just one of those things unfortunately. Your sisters Corolla, although the mileage was all but average, had far from a low mileage, looked after or otherwise! I know what you mean about if a car's not looked after that you're asking for trouble, but your first statement was just ignorant!

posted by  Cliffy

i understand

posted by  Leech3030

Wrong. What happens to it AFTER it leaves the factory is what matters the most. I have seen 2000+ up cars having new engines put it, because of simple misstreatment, and cars from the 80's running strong with stock engines, I guess this is because of how it came from the Factory? NO. Obviously if something isn't built very well it isn't very reliable.... but I will take something built less well and maintained better over something build well and poorly maintained.

posted by  Pythias

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