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im looking for a new work vehicle. i currently have a suzuki swift a.k.a. a chevy metro...... well this is the third time ive had manual transmission problems with it., second time ive had to pull it myself, so im going to send it down the road. ive found a 94 honda accord with 104000 miles on it/ automatic...asking 2600.00 probably get it for 24 or 25. ive read some reviews about the accord and havent heard anything negative really except it kinda shifts hard. another vehicle im looking at is the toyota tacoma. id like to find a 4 cylinder 4x4 with extended cab, ive seen them at dealers w/ 50000mls on them asking around 15g's, i just hate to spend that on a work vehicle, but it would serve my purpose better. the thing that holds me back most about the toyota is it doesnt get the kind of gas mileage i want to see from what ive read. like only 22-26mpg highway? ive also got a ford f250 powerstroke so i dont really need another truck, but it would be nice to have a little truck to haul stuff in. i do a little grass cutting on the side, so would this truck be able to haul a 5x10 trailer with a riding mower and push mower?

well anyways...can someone give me some reviews about the accord, gas mileage, problems theyve had, sound like a good deal the guys offerin me?
on the toyota what kind of gas mileage do ya get, any problems youve had, is the v6 better than the 4cylinder and is there that much difference in gas mileage between the two engines?

ive thought about buying the accord and just driving it till spring then buying a pickup.

any help or responses would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the long confusing post but im just trying to get an idea of what i want to do with your helpful opinions . thank you

posted by  adamc44

not to be off topic, but where have you been all this time?:laughing:

posted by  newyorker

I had a 1994 Accord. It was a great car. Some of the accessories were starting to go, but mechanically it was VERY sound. As long as it was taken care of, you should be fine.

posted by  hondaman

hardrive on the pc went out back on july 4th weekend, and i just now got around to getting it fixed lol. besides that ive had some other stuff going on. been real real real busy!

posted by  adamc44

thats good to hear, ive read some articles on them and from what i can tell no one complains about them beside the way it shifts. im just looking for something that is reliable and gets good gas mileage. ill probably get the accord.

posted by  adamc44

I own a 1996 honda accord. It is the most reliable Japanese car, I think second to Toyota. It is somewhat true about the gearbox, once the car has reached a certain milage, the gearbox shifts aren't smooth anymore, of course, it's a decade old.

Good luck!!

posted by  Jeison Iyasu

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