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I've got a 2003 Toyota Corolla, I'm looking to put rims on her (She's completely stock right now)

My dilemma...I'm not sure what rims will match.

She is "champagne" which is a beige/tan/gold colour, and I'm not completely convinced that chrome matches gold

please help me out,


posted by  Razz031784

16 in. Alloys FTW

for example...

posted by  elchango36

I have found that black SRT4 wheels go along with beige cars very nicely. :wink2:

posted by  Valter

depends waht car it is. The corolla is a bit of a bubble compared to the streamline EM2. I like black wheels because they are discreet and not in-your-face.

posted by  newyorker

THey're also played out IMO.

posted by  elchango36

They stand out more than regular silver wheels imo lol

posted by  Bronxie

I don't think they stand out at all. Not only is everyone doing it, the wheels get hidden w/the tires. Take both Newyorker's and my car for example. Light colored paint+black wheels=invisible wheels.

posted by  elchango36

I suppose it looks better than just taking the wheelcap out and revealing the steel factory ugly ass wheels as some people do anyways.

posted by  Valter

Maybe it's just me personally. I pay attention to people's wheels and such...most people don't, maybe.

posted by  Bronxie

Chrome matches gold fine. Just don't get anything larger than 16" or 17", otherwise you'd run the risk of looking silly. Small cars and big wheels don't really mix well, at least in my view. And in many cases anything larger than 19" looks silly on any private vehicle.

Five spoke alloys are always a popular and attractive choice.

posted by  hondaman

Personally, I don't think it looks any different from that. If I have dark wheels, the "rims" need to be polished, like this:

posted by  ChrisV

Personally, I think black on black is unattractive. Heck, even 14" or 15" PepBoys' spinning hub caps. Gee Mary.

If you want to have black on black, might as well take out the stock hub caps and turn them into sleepers.

posted by  Jeison Iyasu

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