whats the deal with B20's?

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yo man whats the deal w/ b20s and makin em' vtec? will they fit in a EG hatchie? how much power will i be lookin at? what engine should i go with for my EG or my EK... their both hatches but i wanna know which one would make more power, but which one would cost less too

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I have a b20 in my lude with a vtec head. I don't know if they'll fit in your hatch but of course it fits in mine. As far as power mine gives out a good 140whp. As far as a engine for the hatches i'd say a b18c5.

posted by  Spanky2324

First of all, GOOGLE is your friend.
2nd, the B20 is a 2 liter engine. Matting it with a VTEC head yields some decent numbers. The reason people swap B20/VTECs in their Civics is because
A.) They can be cheaper to build than a striaght up swap.
B.)Their up'ed Displacement and high flow heads make them great to boost.
C.) No matter what anyone tells you, the B-series will always be better than the D-series. An N/A B series will walk all over an N/A D series. Same goes with Boost. When you do the same things to both engines the B series will always outperform the D series.

As far as price, that depends on how you source you engine together (buy it all online, find it piece by piece in junkyards, ebay, etc.) If you do all the work ofcourse it will be cheaper than paying someone else to do it. I've seen B20 blocks go for $400. I've seen B16a heads go for $350. I've seen full B20/VTEC swaps go for $1200. You do the math.

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couldnt have set it better

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