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I have been thinking about getting a 1998 prelude base model. I love the car and how it looks but I have learned that the prelude is a hard car to mod up if you dont have the money. I only have around 1500$ so I dont know if that is a good thing. So my question is if I should get it or get a different car. If so what should I get? im looking fo ra fast car thats stock but is also very easy to hook up

posted by  phoshiz

You won't be able to get a '98 Prelude for $1,500 lol...

posted by  chris_knows

I know I wont be able to
I ment 1500$ to mod it up. =] sorry

posted by  phoshiz

Reverse the 9 and the 8 and you get 89. Thats the prelude thats hard to mod. The 5th gens are easy to mod but don't expect to ever find cheap performance parts unless there from a private seller. Or you can go cheap and find all those awesome jdm parts on ebay*insert sarcasm*

posted by  Spanky2324

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