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hey guys
ive got 3 intakes in mind for a 1998 integra gsr

1) j's racing carbon fiber intake
2) AEM v2
3) weapon-r intake

do you guys know which would be the best intake overall?

posted by  integrakid1991

J's for sure

posted by  mazda6man

I second that vote.

posted by  elchango36

yeah but i heard that j's only gives good low end power im tryin to get mroe power thru all the rpms

it does have good throttle response tho

u guys know anything about the weapon-r?

posted by  integrakid1991

An intake alone isn't gonna do it.

posted by  elchango36

I second that one

posted by  Spanky2324

LMFAO, you are talking about an intake doing this?.... :orglaugh: :orglaugh: :orglaugh: I will bet there is a 99.9% chance that you won't feel ANY different after JUST an intake. It will do..... nothing. NOW if you were to change your intake, throttle body, intake manifold, and a few other things... you will most likely feel a difference...

posted by  Pythias

Not entirely true. The stock intakes on alot of cars are full of sharp turns and are very restrictive. Depending on the car, it could helps greatly or very little.

posted by  PontiacFan27 not just getting an intake
im just making a list right now if mods im guna do so i dont end up spending a shitload of money on un-needed stuff

so right now im just worried about the intake
ill figure out the headers and exhaust and ecu n all that good stuff later on

posted by  integrakid1991

1. From most intakes I have seen, the aftermarket counterparts are not very different, look at 05+ Mustang intakes.
2. If you simple change the intake alone, and not the rest of the restrictiveness on the car ( throttlle body throttle body space, and the intake manifold to start with) then it will have little to no effect.

posted by  Pythias

1. Theres a difference between short ram and CAI. Short rams are only intended to free restriction. CAI are intended to introduce colder air.

2. Most factory throttle bodies and intake manifolds are restriction free enough to generate at least 150 more horsepower than stock before even thinking of the throttle body or intake manifold actually choking the motor. Getting just an intake would replace the most restrictive part of the intake setup, making it flow just as freely as the rest can handle, rather than the intake being a bottleneck.

posted by  PontiacFan27

1. What's your point? Where did shot ram come into this conversation? I was refferring to cold air intakes.

2. Maybe with enough Nitrous or Forced Induction, but for naturalls aspirated purposes.... no.

posted by  Pythias

What in hell are you talking about?

posted by  PontiacFan27

What in the hell doesn't your dumbass understand?

posted by  Pythias1

I didn't understand you either Pythias, and legends are pretty intelligent.

posted by  Monsta

Its funny to me how you two are arguing because I always get you two mixed up. This doesn't help...

posted by  Mathew

That's nice. How long did it take you to read and post that? 11 minutes. You are no legend. Legend's don't get banned. Legends' also have a better understanding of english than the 6th grade level, something you obviously don't have. I could go on, but I'll let you ponder that for the next half an hour.

posted by  Pythias1

This is just going to go on forever. You're going to continue to pretend you are some gift from God to us, and probably start to believe it. We're going to continue to laugh at you at our computers, occasionally humour you, but mostly insult you. And you're never going to get better.

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Now go get that powerful engineering degree, slugger!

posted by  Mathew

This gave me a good laugh. :orglaugh: Thanks, now I'm headed to bed.

posted by  Pythias1

11 minutes? What?

I hope you aren't referring to an absence of an apostrophe on my "legends" as an English error. I don't have the error, you do.

Legends, as I used, indicates a group or multiples. Legend's, what you wrote, indicates singular ownership. Legends', what you also wrote, indicates group ownership.

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I'll correct your quote.

Am I wrong?

posted by  Monsta

I think you need another ban

posted by  newyorker

You gathered that from the post you quoted? I corrected his English on which he thought he was correcting me, no harm it?

posted by  Monsta

umm...thanks for all the help guys hahaha
i think im just guna go with the weapon-r

ill let u guys argue about stuff now lol

posted by  integrakid1991

Exactly. A real legend wouldn't need to tell other people that he is one, they would know.

posted by  PontiacFan27

No its from your constantly inflating ego

posted by  newyorker

Legend or no, the word should not be capitalized, Dumbass.

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posted by  Mathew

How about adding these intakes as options for you just to ruse your choices up for your nice ride? :mrgreen:

1.)APC Cold Air Intake (
2.)Apexi Cold Air Intake (
3.)BBK Cold Air Intake (
4.)DC Sports Cold Air Intake (
5.)Iceman Cold Air Intake (
6.)Injen Cold Air Intake (
7.)Jet Chips Cold Air Intake (
8.)K & N Cold Air Intake (

Aren't they such a baby? :mrgreen: They are so mouth-watering... Yum Yum! :hi:

posted by  jhall

thread is almost a year old.... but i would waste that much money on an intake... Go get an ebay intake and K& N filter... will do the same thing

posted by  V-Tec

Wow, Enough said.

posted by  JrAcidBurn

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