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can someone plz help me by telling me where i can buy parts for an 1998 isuzu hombre. im talking about body parts like headlights and grilles and i know some of it can be bought as s10 stuff but a lot of it cant and ive been looking everywhere so if anyone knows can u plz help me out.

and if any knows if they make the reverse lambo doors that would be cool too because i seriously have enough money to do whatever to this truck and if u are wondering im not buying another car or anything i love this truck


posted by  illsmackabich

go to j yards... should have parts, or see your local autoparts store, they should be able to help

posted by  mazda6man

get in the zone auto zone

posted by  Andrew0261

out of the question but what is the Isuzu hombre???
is it what we get named as the Trooper???

posted by  True_Brit 8805031990101.JPG
Also called:
Chevrolet S-10
GMC Sonoma
lol :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

and the vauxhall brava

posted by  True_Brit

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