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so i have been deciding what I should get. a 91 turbo mr2 or a 98 base prelude. The prelude is faster stock but it is very expensive to mod up. the 91 turbo is slower stock but it is cheaper and easier to mod up. It is also faster I think for the money.

so what should i do!?

i have 1500$ to mod up

posted by  phoshiz

I swear to I you cry more than a slapped bitch. Help me! Help me! You're not buying a car. You've had 10-15g's for over a month to spend on a car. Has your budget gotten smaller? Stop asking for help on a forum. The people here are stupid asses who've probably never driven either of the cars you're asking about. Stupid People...In This Forum. The best answer to your question is a test drive and a mechanic.

posted by  Monsta

i for one, have actually driven the turbed mr2... it was a 92 though. i would go with it. perhaps im bias towards toyota... but the 98 prelude is nice, but its just not a toyota

p.s. im a hardcore internet thug
p.s.s. now a member of the im god group along with what, or monsta or what ever he is... now accepting applications for that group as well.

posted by  mazda6man

wheres the app at?

posted by  Spanky2324

you just completed it, youre in lol... "just say i want in" haha

posted by  mazda6man

Mazda6man & Monsta.. e-thugs 4 l1f3

posted by  Bronxie

Carefull guys.....the almighty one has spoken.

I'll bet that what is the really BS'er around here, lol. Anyway, I've driven a turbo'd MR-2 and it was quick enough for what it was. The Prelude is FWD so it's always gonna suffer on the handlng side with the more mods you add!

posted by  Cliffy

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