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I am trying to mod up these cars. The main reasons I want these cars are because they look good and they already have turbo. (easier to mod) So which one should I choose?

posted by  phoshiz

Well, both the 300ZX and Eclipse GSX are going to be expensive to maintain. The Eclipse will break down more, and parts for the 300ZX are really expensive. But the aftermarket for the GSX is HUGE, so I'd go with that.

posted by  PontiacFan27

So did you decide between the MR2 and Prelude?:doh:

posted by  fudge

just to clear things up, there is no such thing as 350zx. There is the 300zx and the 350z. Yesm Eclipses will probably break down more. BUT parts for the 300zx will make u go bankrupt. Anyone that i know with one always talks about how much they spend on it. Also GSX is AWD, which is more driveable in bad weather conditions.

posted by  V-Tec

I think it would be a little unfair to say that an Eclipse would break down more than a 300Z. Given the proper attitude when buying a car and mandatory maintanence of a car that is 10-15 years old I see no reason why either of them would be unreliable. The problem entails when you have two cars that are known for being fast and inexperienced drivers purchase them for that sole purpose not realizing the car is nearly as old as they are.

I've owned two DSM's and I can say that the latter one of the two has never broken on me. The first did, cosequently, to my own stupidity. You beat on an old dog and its more than likley to give up on you eventually. Case and point...

posted by  DSMer

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