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whats the fastest stock car with turbo under 10,000. I am talking about a used car too. 1990-2000 please


posted by  phoshiz

a supra would be good, thats the first car on my mind! i suppose you want to turn it into a "tokyo drifter???":laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

Depends on what you can get for under $10,000, and it depends on what you mean by fastest. Thats a pretty broad question, and the market is always changing.

posted by  Mathew

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Mitsubishi 3000Gt VR4
93-95 Mazda Rx-7 (my fav)
91-96 Nissan 300zx Twin turbo (expensive to maintain)
91-95? Toyota MR2 Turbo
as mentioned before Supra
Those are pretty much the only cars that come to mind.

posted by  V-Tec

A little import biased, aren't we?

posted by  giant016

yeah i have driven the Rx 7 but never owned it or maintained it...

and its also asian biased cause most american cars dont come with turbochargers....

forgot to say
DOdge Srt 4

posted by  V-Tec

He never said anything about a turbo. If you want to go stock for stock, an N/A LS1 will beat up on all of those turbo cars on your list. If you want to talk modded for 10k, it's hard to beat an old fashioned N/A 5.0.

posted by  giant016

Actually he did. :banghead:

(read it again)

posted by  Mathew

And a number of suggestions are going well over the $10k range.

For his suggestion I'm going to suggest a 1990 RX7 turbo II, MR2 turbo, or a DSM. That's pretty much it for: under $10k, turbo, newer than 1990. The Supra and 3rd gen RX7 are above $10k for a decent example usually.

posted by  ChrisV

ya some of what i said are hard to find under 10k but i wouldnt say impossible.
THe SRT-4 prolly wont find for that cheap but i just threw it out there.
The Supra and the Rx 7 will be the hardest to find for that price. ( and hard to find in general)
The Vr4 should be easier to find than those two. Just have to keep looking.
My friend bought a 99 GSX from and old guy with 20k miles on it. 1 Owner. mint condition for 8 grand.

posted by  V-Tec

Wow, I read that damn first post like 5X before I said "he didn't say anything about a turbo".:banghead: This thread is just not happening for me.

posted by  giant016

GSXs are also pretty slow stock though they do have great potential.
Supras usually run WAY more than 10k.

Maybe a Corrado (supercharged) pretty slow, but the handle great are cheap to maintain and power is just a pulley swap away.

3000GT VR4/Dodge Stealth TT can also be exoensive but finding one for under 10k isnt bad. THese cars are extremely heavy though.

SRT-4 Love these cars but they are FWD and youd also be hard pressed to find one for under 10K

RX-7 Fun little car especially with an LS1 in them but these cars are the xpensive ones toi maintain especially if you drive it hard at all. They like to kill apex seals after 70K miles.

300ZX TT. Prolly my choice but as with the rest of the cars they are riddled with early 90s technology and when it break it can be hard and expensive to repair.

Have you looked into Turbo dodges. EXTREMELY CHEAP and can be mad eto run mid 12s pretty easily. The only thing is they are FWD and their ugly but for the price who cares.

posted by  Enthusiast

Can I assume that you need a cheap stock-Turbo car to mod it later?

If so, I wouldn't go around searching for the fastest "stock", but I'd rather go after the one that can be tuned easily, cheaply, reliably and also, has potential for high level Horse Power.
The "fastest stock" might not be all these things if you are looking into modding it (I wouldn't be able to stand a stock turbo, so much potential for so little money). :wink2:

posted by  Valter

he's got the 90-92 Supra (still an MK3) as an option as well though :thumbs:

also, didn't the 5.0 stangs come all the way up to 93 i believe? i know the 5.0's made it to the VERY early 90's....

though as far as "fastest stock" would go under $10k..... any AWD would have a big advantage, at least on the 1/4 mile. if that's the case, a Subaru would be the choice. a mid-90's STi just might go for under 10k, not in mint condition, but not in a junker-style condition either.

also, here in PR i have seen numerous mid-90 BMW M3's for under 10k. usually the owners get bored and want a newer one and want to get rid of them fast for that reason.

posted by  Inygknok

Wow, thats cheap....

We had a '98 (bit later than mid-nineties) M3 go for $30,000 CAD (~$26,000 USD).

posted by  Mathew

Good luck finding one for under 10 grand

posted by  newyorker

if read a little fartehr down u will see that i said most likely u wont find one that cheap. I just threw that out there just in case he had more than 10k....

posted by  V-Tec

All of you guys looked right past the fastest stock car you can buy for under 10,000... porsche 951 (944 turbo). you can get them easily for 6,000-10,000 and it will blow the doors off of all the cars you guys have listed. i just wrecked my 944 cabriolet.. 3.0L inline 4. Largest production 4 cylinder engine ever made and rated best handling car in north america in 1990... without a doubt the fastest best handling car you can buy for 10,000

posted by  rip944

Hey moron, you missed the fact that this thread is two years old and the discussion is over.

Good job.

Now for your "facts". Porsche's 3.0 IS NOT the "largest production 4 cylinder engine ever made"... Unless you don't want to include Ford's 201ci (3.3L) in the Model-A of which there were about 5 million produced or Pontiac's 195ci (3.2L) "Trophy 4", just to name two. Of course that doesn't include several more industrial style four cylinders ranging up to about 5 liters.

Finally, the 951 may have been called the "best handling car in north america (sic) in 1990", but the Cabrio handling wasn't up to that of the coupe. So basically you're wrong on all counts.

So what exactly was your point, except that you have none?

posted by  vwhobo

As far as bang for the buck, you can get a very fast, very nice lt-1 or ls-1 engine Trans-am or Camaro for well under 10k.

taxpayingunit   10 Feb 2012 04:54

Exeryone misses a couple of the realy fast cars. The 89 I believe taurus turbo, and 2000 and above Jaguar XJR which is supercharged. The 350Z is weak. I was scraping pant off the bumper of one to 140 when he could go no farther. I had to go around (in my 95 Cadillac STS.) The XJR or better yet XKR makes most cars just look stupid, and at 4,000 pounds rides like a dream.

Jigginadeal   08 Sep 2012 18:29

Hello old thread. What if I throw in my suggestion. Merkur XR4TI turbo. Pretty bad turbo lag but one it spools you better be holding on. only made for a few years but usually well under $10k these days. Lol.

HurtsBad   16 Oct 2012 04:50

your forgetting almost any jdm these days. silvia, skyline, wrx sti, and lancer evo (early to mid 90s), pulsar gti-r and the list goes on. or domestic theres grand prix gtp or even the newer gxp with the 5.3 in it is now hitting the 10k mark same goes for the monte carlo. supercharged cobalt the list goes on. sure some arent the greatest but all quick cars compared to most and in the price range stated and half are of em are turbo like asked.

ryan   08 Dec 2012 02:39

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