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hey guys i have a question i just found an 1988 acua integra with 82000 miles 5 speed auto gold package for 3500 it has 1 owner clean title and was very well kept up the interieor is very nice and i need help with more info on performance first hand if you got it and what i can expect from it the engine i think its 1.8 liter with around 180 horse and 108 ft/lbs torque any info on performance and good upgrades for engine and body would be great

posted by  nate wesselink

ok i am not an expert on those year integras but i will tell you what i know about them in General.
There is no such thing as a 5 SPD auto on integras.
No such thing as Gold Package. ( there is LS special edition)
not sure about this one but i am pretty sure integras didnt have any engines that made 180hp. They had a GSR b18c1 which made around 170 and and Type R b18c5 which made around 190.
Thirdly $3500 is an insane amount of money for that car. ( Regular integra) You can find a 94 integra or even newer for around the same price.
As for modding it, its one of the most popular cars to mod. There is TONS of aftermarket support for this car. SO finding stuff is easy.


posted by  V-Tec

Well I have an '88 Integra LS. It has a 1.6L engine which puts out I believe 118 HP. I don't think they had any other engines in that generation.

And I got mine for $1000 Canadian, so like $850 US. granted, twice the mileage, but still. $3500 is wayyyy too much.

posted by  Mathew

I cant think of a ANY car in that age that has a 5spd auto, 5spd auto is a pretty new thing right now. Those are also extremely low mileage in that car so becarful and dont keep your hopes up. Its a really old car, I personally wouldnt spend 3500 on it, find something newer and not to suspecious. thats my :2cents:


posted by  Project-A

thanks guys it was just a car i was looking to buy the horsepower and torque where just a guess i didnt have any info on power and the gold package was gold rims and a side skirt maybe thanks for the info and i think im gana stay away from this car

posted by  nate wesselink

I've seen that trim before, I think its a special edition. Personally I think its a great car. Even though mine is falling apart, I still enjoy driving it. However, the price was way too high yours.

posted by  Mathew

it is and the guy wont go any lower so ive given up on it thanks for the help

posted by  nate wesselink

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