The next NSX?

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The car looks hot!

posted by  Project-A

The HSC (High-performance Sports Concept) is supposed to come out between 2007 and 2009. Anybody know any more details?

posted by  chris_knows

It's not coming out. That concept faded long ago. They have something new planned.

posted by  Monsta

500 ponies, no stereos, F1 shifter

posted by  Jeison Iyasu

Even if they did come out with that, that looks like...too many other high performance exotics. Like ascari kz1. I dunno I like the look but I've seen it way too many times on different cars.

posted by  Bronxie

if they did make a new nsx, it would have to keep the design it had for the back end, the lights etc, maybe reshape it a little to update the design?

posted by  True_Brit

I like the look of that, in my opinion it looks like a sports car should look, not too 'alien' like, and not too bland!

posted by  Cliffy

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