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Has anybody heard of this brand of HID lights? Does anybody know how it compares to other HID light brands and is it worth $300-$450 for HID's?

posted by  sprluv

I can assure you that mos HID light kits that cost under $800-1200 will be of sub par qualitly. HID lights are very expensive, I remeber somone broke a headlight on an Audi A6 at my old valet job and it ended up costing the company about $700 to replace that ONE light...

Will a $450 kit work as compared to a set you can see on a newer german automobile or one of the more expensive kits. Yeah I'm sure it will work, but as far as reliability and the ammount of lumnicisty(?) I would have to suspect that it would not stand up in quality.

posted by  DSMer

The kit is made in Korean. My friend has this Kaixen kit, 3500K Crystal Yellow on his Range Rover. The color looks sick (in a good way).

Check on the site www.kaixenkits.com for other available colors.

Good luck!!

posted by  Jeison Iyasu

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