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Alright well after selling my 240 i bought a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T.I have not put any mods in it yet.What i want to know is if anyone knows how to take out the speed limiter.Thanks.:thumbs:

posted by  Mr.Civic

It's usually there for a reason...Why would you need to go over something like 125 miles anyways?

posted by  chris_knows

Because im trying to race with it.And plus it limits your rev.Just need to know if anyone knows how to do it.again thanx

posted by  Mr.Civic

:laughing: The rev limiter would limit your rev's not the speed limiter. And chances are with the small amount of power you're putting down you won't be able to go much over 110 anyway Also unless you modify it a ton the stock rev limiter is fine because it should be set at a rev farther above even when you are making no more power.

posted by  Pythias

Yet, you call me ignorant.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Why because there's a difference between a rev limiter and a governor and because there is a high chance that stock power wise he won't be able to go far beyond wat the governor is set to? And because stock rev limiters don't really need to be messed with until you are making power past the stock rev limiter?

posted by  Pythias

Well i just put a N1 catback and a injen intake.I feel a big ass difference in the car.Oh and about the governer,i know how to trick the ECU so i dont need to worry bout that and plus some random guy took it off and so far the fastest ive went was about 155-160.Its alright but thanks anyways.

posted by  Mr.Civic

Trust me, 210 horsepower can get a car like the Eclipse to the high 130/ low 140 mph range.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Misread, thought it was a non-turbo.

posted by  Pythias

I don't know about that with just intake and a cat. Is it a cai?

posted by  Spanky2324

Even the GS and RS can go over 110mph. But I'm almost sure you could not have misread GS-T for RS.

Yes indeed there is a difference between a rev limiter and a governor, however you powers of observation need a little correcting. All cars make power past the stock limit. Whether its 8K or 6.5K, power will still be made past the limit. The question is how safe is it to make power in that range?

While a governor might not directly inhibit your RPM, the ecu kicking you back in 5th gear at 6K would definitely sell you short of the top limit of 7500. The two are two completely different "safety" mechanisms, but when discussing top speeds (as the original question asked) they become somewhat related...

The relvant information you are seeking can be found at this website.

posted by  DSMer

Thanks for the link i didnt do it yet because im looking for those Z-rated tires.If you know where theyre selling them could you please reply and tell me the link.Im going to check on eBay now.Once again thanks.

posted by  Mr.Civic

Let us not forget GS.

Also, most cars power band drops off before the rev limiter kicks in. Cam and ignition timing and exhaust evacuation becomes a major hinderance at high RPM. Its stupid to shift when you hit the rev limiter because chances are your power dropped off a long time ago. If you want to know when to shift, get your car dynoed. That will tell you when you should shift.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Thats nice, I'm glad you know more of what I misread than I do. :thumbs:


posted by  Pythias

Yeah ive been trying to ind a dynomachine in gerogia but i dont know where they are.I hear that they're sometimes in Atlanta Motor Speedway but ive only seen them when its Nopi Nationals.If anybody knows where to find a dynomachine in Gerogia leave a link to it or address.

posted by  Mr.Civic

I think the part that got them excited is this...

I've assumed through your follow up post that you meant no more additional power...as in your engine has peaked.

posted by  Monsta

Yes I thought that most people would see it that way becuase to say after such an rpm the engine makes NO more power is obviously not the case.

posted by  Pythias

:fu: i may not be a master mechanic but im pretty sure you have to get an upgraded to reach higher speeds cuz i can get my eclipse 96 to about 140 and it still hasnt toped out and the speed limiter hasnt turned on yet so you can try to go on google and try to find a 2nd stage or higher ecu chip cuz thats what limits it

posted by  lancer vs.

this is kind of interesting to me all these posts and threads about high speed, whats the point??? you want to race with it then worry about you quarter mile because if you can top out at 200 mph and mine at 160 mph but it takes me way less time to get there i won cause if i pulled away from you starting at 60mph no ones gonna wait till i get governed so u can finally catch up and race me, i don't see what kind of idiot would race someone to see who can go faster top speed wise, its pathetic or just child talk. Also the rev limiter is there for a reason, if you dont have a problem with doing couple motor swaps a year then be stupid at your own cost. If you want to go fast get your self a faster car or some real upgrades not eBay cai for $12.99 and tell everyone my top speed just increased. Sorry it just pissed me off and i know that smart people will agree with me, but i guess its something that we all go through in our lifetime when we are young, cheap and stupid

posted by  07exlv6

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