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hello i am new to this site but i am not new to cars. me and my team here in VA are deciding on weither to keep moddin our evo8 or get an rb26dett. my electronics guy has a 95 s14 240. im sure there are other threads about this but id rather just start a new one. we have about 10,000 of spending cash untill the 16th then hopefully depending on how the races go we are hoping to have about another 5grand. ive seen rb's going for 3500-6000 and aslo how much would the tranny b? and for piping,mounts,wiring,ect basically the whole conversion how much am i looking at spending?
thank you for all the help everyone gives me .

posted by  pullin16psi

anyone have anyinput?

posted by  pullin16psi

a toyota would be better.... thats just my toyota biasness...

anyways... i say stick with the lancer... to many people are going 240... lancer is by far wayyy cooler... and come on. AWD... yeah. besides... they stick out better than a 240 does

posted by  mazda6man

I agree, keep moddin' the Evo. Unless you insist on jumping on the bandwagon :roll:.

posted by  elchango36

oooo, thats strong... i love it

posted by  mazda6man

lol yea i would also like the get a good east/west engine in there to replace the 4cyl lol idk yet

posted by  pullin16psi

also wat do u guys think about the jdm6g72tt (3000gt vr-4 twin turbo) engine. its a east/west engine but i dont think i would b able to get it in an evo. its a v6 so idk has it ever been done? cause the evo is already awd and everything. pretty much this
http://www.jdmenginescorp.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_7&pr oducts_id=45

posted by  pullin16psi

So let me get this straight? You have a "team" and you're trying to decide wheter or not to put a VR-4 engine into your Evo.

I call shanannigans, because this is complete and utter bullcrap.

posted by  DSMer

here we go again..........

posted by  Inygknok

no im asking if its ever been done ? and if i should keep moddin my evo or if i should start all over w/ a new car .

posted by  pullin16psi

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