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Hey guys! I have an idea that i wanna run past you guys to see what you think. I have a 05 Honda Accord Coupe and i wanna trailer a waverunner with it, however i also want to put a body kit on it. What do you guys think if i mounted the hitch on the frame and then i got hydraulics. When the car is down it would be behind the body but when i needed to trailer my waverunner i could just raise the car and then the hitch will be exposed. Let me know what you think, please! i need some feedback.

posted by  esachs

I've never seen the body of a car lift off the frame with hydraulics, usually the frame and everything above it lifts up, using the suspension.

get another more torque oreinted vehical and apply a trailer hitch to tow with.:2cents:

posted by  azkid110

bump.... no other ideas?

posted by  esachs

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