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i hope i have the right thread. i'm looking for a car. i dont know what its called or the exact name of the "characteristic" i'm looking for. here they are:

1) what do you call that engine that can go from 4 cylinders to 6 with the press of the button? i believe it runs on 4 then the button activates the other 2. what is that option called? what kind of car has it?

2) the roof that opens/closes automatically? not the soft material kind but it looks like an actual metal roof that folds back. what do you call that option and again what kind of car has it?

3) do the top two options come in kits? for example you can get a car kit that makes your doors open vertically. so is there a kit that can make the car into the #2 option i taked about above? what about the #1 option?

thanks in advance to anyone who can give/direct me to any info reguarding the questions above.:mrgreen:

posted by  TomTom

You mean the chevy impala?


It's called active fuel management and it's from a v8 or in the 6 cylinder version you can shut off 2 of them, like you said.

posted by  Bronxie

so many cars make folding metal roofs now,,, peugeot, mercedes, volvo to name a few!!!

posted by  True_Brit

I believe a few manufacturers use the Active Fuel Management that Bronxie mentions, too. I seem to recall a German manufacturer using it...can't think which one though, lol

posted by  Cliffy

1.) There are some cars that do this, I think it is automatically though.

2.) Hardtop convertible, like the VW Eos, or the Volvo...something. Mercedes has one, as well as the Mazda Miata. Theres lots out there.

3.) NO.

posted by  Mathew

i know our yukons come in active fuel management... its nice. plus, you wont even feel the difference when it shifts back and forth.

pontiac G6 came out with the auto hard top convert... very nice

as stated above - no

posted by  mazda6man

they got a kit to make doors open vertically but they dont have kits to make your car a hardtop convertable? :banghead:

posted by  TomTom

Doesn't GM DOD knock off half the pots?

posted by  Wally

Technically speaking, with the right amount of money, you can do anything. However, while you can get vertical doors for most cars for under a grand, in order to change your car into a hard-top covertible, you would have to spend WAY too much money.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Ok, a kit to make your doors open vertically is what? Hinges. Think of what goes into the engineering and design of a hardtop convertible. Yes, of course it can be done. But it would be a fully custom job, likely costing more than the value of the car.

posted by  Mathew

thanks for the info people! :clap:

posted by  TomTom

By the way, mercedes has TWO hard top convertibles. SL class and SLK class.

And porsche has the 911 targas out, which have a removeable roof panel. Half way between a convertible and a coupe I guess.

posted by  Bronxie

As if Targa tops are anything new...

posted by  Mathew

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