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I own a CD7 and I love it like nothing else however sadly I have a desire for performace. I can put in 10 grand into my car and will maybe get what I want, but lets say I do that....its not going to be as reliable and wont last as long, there will be complications and its already 11 years old. even though Im planning on never selling it, Im considering buying a new car with the performace I want stock.....I think its the smarter choice and everyone agrees. I just feel like im cheating on my Honda Accord....kinda like cheating on my girlfriend because I was bored with her or somthing,lol. I need you alls opinions on this especially those who has been in my shoes before. Also the car that has really caught my eye is the Evo IX, it has everything Im looking for.


posted by  Project-A

Its a car dude, chill.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Um,... $$$$$$$

posted by  elchango36

RS is 28,000
IX is 32,000
MR is 36,000
all are est

If I start saving up now...then after college I should be around there.


posted by  Project-A

You should be around where? Who's paying for college? Will you be living with your parents? What kind of job will you have? Loans are expensive, I should know.:thumbs:

*EDIT* Don't expect to pay sticker prices for those cars either.

posted by  elchango36

unless youre buying a car from me... hook a brotha up!!!

lol, but yeah, msrp is usually about 6% over invoice, chances are those lancers are running around 28 to 33 grand invoice

posted by  mazda6man's a car. 11 years old is 11 years old. Sell it and buy a new, more reliable vehicle.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

You could buy a used evo for much less than 20k if you get an 03 one. (I don't know if the 03 is an evo7 or evo8)

posted by  Bronxie

it wouldnt be the 8 i dont think!
id say go for it if you feel its right for you and that you can afford to keep it!

posted by  True_Brit

Do you realize how sky high maintenance costs for an evo are. It takes alot of expensive parts to make a lancer that quick. Why dont you think about a car with the same kind of performance that sint so high strung so modifying would be just as easy and not so hard on the car or near as expensive.

posted by  Enthusiast

In life, we spend money on things that make us happy, otherwise we'd all be communists and make generally rhe same amount of $.

If it is an evo that makes him happy, so be it. What is the difference between an evo with high maintenance performance parts and a cheap car with modded parts that will probably cause maintenance issues?

posted by  Bronxie

They never sold the Evo VII in the States, only the VIII and now the IX. So it is most likely a VIII if its 03, but he doesnt get the same differentials if he gets the 03. SAYC, Super Active Yaw Control (is that it? my memory is failing me) isn't standard on earlier models, only the later VIII MR's and the new IX(not sure if its only for the MR).

If you're still in college, then stick with the Accord till you do have the money, there is no point in worrying or thinking about something that you cannot afford yet.

posted by  aerith

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