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and it's called a Honda S2k with a 2JZ swap ( ne.htm).

600hp on stock internals is not unheard of with this engine. Factor in the curb weight of 2855lb (lets call it 3000lb w/ that motor). You're looking at the power to weight ratio of 448hp/ton, that's Porsche Carrera GT territory(445hp/ton) at a fraction of the cost.:soul:

Guess what my next project's gonna be?:laughing:

posted by  elchango36

Repost lol...
just that the website wasn't posted...Instead of an S2000 with a 2JZ, why not a Miata with an F20C or 2JZ? lol :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

To be quite honest I didn't look under the hood when I drove one at ZoomZooLive. I have no idea how much room is in the new 07 engine bay. I also prefer the exterior styling of the S2K. However I did rather enjoy the interior of the MX5. And How'd I miss that thread? :doh:

posted by  elchango36

haha i beat you to it! yeah, its one bad little doggy

posted by  mazda6man

So if a 2JZ fits then an RB26 will do also!! It'll be the new rage for S2000 tuning but I'm quite curious about how the longer/heavier engine would affect it's balance.

posted by  fudge

That's really cool

posted by  Bronxie

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