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hey does anyone know of a good company that will make custom vertical door hinges to order? would be an obvious first guess but this isnt for an import much less a popular domestic.

its a 93 olds cutlass supreme conv.. i know i could have posted this in the domestics, but nobody who drives a domestic will know where to find these kind of doors because obviously domestic enthusists would almost never do this to their car :P

but any help would be great



posted by  TCCR

Search is your friend. Try it sometime.

posted by  vwhobo

ehh.. we didnt get along.. but ill try to patch things up (hah?)

*points to "CF Newbie" below name*

good times

*edit* no luck there either :\ .. if anyone sees anything, drop me a line and ill be your friend(this makes you cool) *end edit*

posted by  TCCR

posted by  PerformanceX

I assume that you mean gull wing doors

posted by  cinqyg

I think he's gone...and I believe gullwing doors and the hydrolic Lambo type doors are totally different :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

"Gullwing?" what the hell is that? Anyways, makes a pretty good lambo hinge door kit. They give you the option of a manual kit or a "delux" door kit that opens using actuators,but for about 400 bucks more.

posted by  DSMer

Here's a few pics of Mercedes' 1957 Gullwing, they only made a few of them so they are extreamly rare cars!

Picture 1 (

Picture 2 (

Picture 3 (

Picture 3 (

Picture 4 (

posted by  Cliffy

why do you even want lambo doors or as some one mentioned, gull wing doors. i assume you want them on for a car show right? if not its a waste of money really. think about it, you really think people will care how you enter your car? don't think so :banghead:

do they make the car go faster by any chance :laughing:

posted by  WeaponR

well, the chicks might dig how u enter your car.... then again, u might just install something that rolls a long red carpet for thema nd serves them beverages as they get inside the car, might be cheaper than scissor and gull wing doors :P

posted by  Inygknok

you have got a real sense of humor havn't you.....keep in there :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  WeaponR

Oh yeah thats right, the new Mercedes SLR McLaren is made after that body style. But I was'nt aware you could have gullwing doors on your car seeing as that the gullwings open halway up through the body. I think they mean more of a DeLorean door where the whole door pivots from the top.
That look more like this:

Picture 1 ( )

Picture 2 ( )

Picture 3 ( )

posted by  DSMer

did you get that its a "BLUE" thing from me? its ok i don't mind you copying.....a GOLD rush is better though...admit it :wink2:

try putting the "BLUE" in a blue colour to emphasise it more

posted by  WeaponR

Hmm copying eh... Iono what you are talking about... I've never even seen your signature who are you :laughing: . Yeah um... so about those lambo doors :wink2:

posted by  DSMer

There would be no way to actually "Gull Wing" a convertible because you would have to have a hunge on top of the door hooked to the top of the car (which is impossible with a soft top) so I would imagine he was talking about the lambodoors with the convertible. If you look at you will see a PT cruiser with a gull wing type door and you can see the how the hinge connects on top of the car, while the other cars have the lamborgini type doors on that page

posted by  melolover

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