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I'm going to try and get my lisence in two days, when I turn 16. I'll have to save up a bit of money to get a car, but I was wondering if i could get suggestions. I wanted a really cheap tuner car I could fix up and all. If you have any ideas please post, but make sure it's relatively cheap.

posted by  SolidSnake

Skyline GT-R = Best tuner car ever

posted by  Andrew0261

What are you basing that on? Seriously, do you have experience tuning Skylines or any cars at all? Idiot. Also, lets review the original post:

posted by  Mathew

I assume you want an Asian car? With this in mind I'd go with something along the lines of a Civic.

posted by  Cliffy

i suppose everyone thinks along that line!!! i certainly did!

posted by  True_Brit

I'll be honest and say it's the first car that sprung to mind, lol :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Or go Canadian and get a Civic LOL. J/k, although mine was assembled in Canada. I guess it still runs the same.

posted by  Nickboxer7

I'd go with an Eagle Talon TSi. I found one for 5 grand. :guns:

posted by  Earshot Imports

Look here noob, the last thing this brand new driver needs is a fast car. Letting an AWD Turbo DSM into the hands of an inexperienced, new, testosterone filled 16 year old would be like handing a loaded 9mm with the safety off to a 6 year old. The outcome is not going to be pretty. Think before you type. Oh wait I forgot, you're 16 as well.:banghead:

SolidSnake, A Civic is the perfect starter car for someone like you. It's cheap to run, it's not fast, it's the most modified tuner car meaning aftermarket parts are not hard to come by, it's a car that you can grow with as your driving experience increases. However there's one big chunk of information missing from your post. What's your budget. There are plenty of starter cars in all types of price brackets. In order for us to offer you some real advice, we need to know how much money your playing with. The Civic is a great platform for someone with not a whole lot of money. :wink2:

posted by  elchango36

Lol elchango36 true I should have though of his age first.... I am not 16 I'm 19.:laughing:

posted by  Earshot Imports

I doubt he'll be returning...:laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Meh:ohcrap: , it was worth a shot.

posted by  elchango36

he should stop playing the Metal Gear Solid videogames and save up for a 24o fastback (rwd FTW)... :clap:

posted by  240SXSR20DET

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