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hey guys i need advice on a good car to supe up any info on any types of cars than i could get for under 3000 than has a good engine with ok base horsepower and torque that preferrably is an ff or front engine front wheel drive. any info would be great and any personal experence would be even better thanks :thumbs:

posted by  nate wesselink

Miata: Nough said

Prelude: Although I hate most Fwd cars I do like this one. It handles decent and although it may be down on power, I think it would be a fun runabout with its good looks and decent handling.

Eclipse GSX or the Eagle Talon TSi: AWD and turbo charged. Great power potential and a huge DSM following

Older Supra

Older RX7: when the Apex seals go you could drop in a V8 (LS1, LT1 or if your crazy a ford motor haha)

Maybe you could stretch your budget and go for a 3000GT VR-4 or a Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo: Run ok stock and their AWD and a TT 3.0

A N/A 300zx: Great looks a lil bit off power (like 220 i think) and they handle well and are RWD. Later if you save up some money just get a JDM front clip and switch it out and VWOILA you have a TT 300zx.

Im sure in a few minutes Ill think of more so stay tuned.

posted by  Enthusiast

Most of the cars on that list will be real tough finding a decent one for under 3K.

I'd go with an older Prelude. You said you want decent power, but that's different to everybody. I don't think that the older ones had decent power, but I'd say for a FWD under 3K it's about as good as you're going to find.

Out of curiosity...why are you wanting to supe up a FWD?

posted by  giant016

the reason i want to supe up a fwd is that thats what ive driven all my life and im used to them and i pretty mutch know how front wheel drive cars are going to react plus in my own oppinion they corner better at higher speeds and when your accelerateing the rear tires have more grip so the probability of a spinout is slightly reduced but thats just my experences with cars. ive driven some rwd cars and i dont like them as mutch

posted by  nate wesselink

Good luck with the search, I'm of no help to you. I from an era where rear wheel drive and horsepower woule be my first selection.

posted by  HiLandR

I would say miata but it's rwd.

posted by  Bronxie

Hell, most of the cars on that list are not even FWD as he specifically asked for.
Let alone hard enough to find for 3K in a workable condition.

Second Gen Integra (90-93) or Later model Third Gen Integra (94-01)

I'd also hate to say, but with a 3K budget there is nothing better than a nice Honda Civic. The market is extremely massive and they can be worked with to produce some decent power.

posted by  DSMer

Sorry man I thought you said preferably not ff layout

posted by  Enthusiast

Yeah there are people in this world that appreciate more than RWD V8's.

posted by  DSMer

Hey cocksucker was their a single car on that list that was of the RWD V8 layout, outside of saying if the rotary blew you could put in a domestic V8, which I only said because its a common swap and relatively inexpensive especially for what you can gain from it. haha no douche. Im sorry you cant leave or little arguement in the forum where it is focused, and you cant admit when you wrongly attacked someone. :fu:

posted by  Enthusiast

And if you want to bash me choice of cars you can, IF you can find a better one. Here is the criteria
Non FWD (may be either RWD or AWD)
Must run a 13 STOCK
Must get over 25 MPG on the highway (Ive regularly cranked out 28mpg)
Must come in a manual transmission
Must be less than what I payed for my car ($4,700 dollars)
Must Have less miles (72K) than my car when I bought it
Must handle decent (My cars not much of a handler yet so this is pretty open)
Must have a very large aftermarket
And maintenance (especially large things like engine and transmission rebuilds and overhauls) must be cheaper.

Find me a car that meets ALL of these criteria outside of a 300z/x TT or 3000GT VR-4 or a Dodge Stealth TT as I was looking for these cars also when I was searching for a car, then you can bash on my car choice.

posted by  Enthusiast

Didn't you bother reading the suggestions from the other thread you made?!!

posted by  fudge

I've never seen a well-running 300ZX TT or VR4 for anything near $4700.

posted by  giant016

Not too mention the maintenance costs of 300ZX TTs and 3kgts are ridiculous. So is the near non-existant aftermarket.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Are you still crying?

Are you really that dense or are you playing games with me? Listen kid, I was driving more powerful pony cars than your Camaro before you could even see over the steering wheel. No ones bashing your choice of cars, I am however pointing out your ignorance towards anything thats not "in your criteria". Grow up, open your mind and stop being a f*cktard all your life.

posted by  DSMer

for this guys criteria I tried to post cheap performance cars witha decent aftermarket. On some the price was a little high, the only other thing I did wrong was I mostly mentioned RWD layed out cars because as I was reading I thought it said perferably not ff layout. I misread it so big ****in deal. What is so wrong with the cars I mentioned that makes me an ignorant ****tard.

posted by  Enthusiast

Nothing about liking the cars you like makes you anything. However, when you choose to validate your feelings for the cars you like by hating anything else that is not in its category you are making opinionated statements perpetrated as something that may be percieved as fact. Afterall, you did'nt get your prejudices from out of the air. You more than likley picked them up from someone or something. You can't say all FWD cars suck, because you drive RWD and they drag race better. Thats an objective opinion that presents no logicality.

Misreading is a big deal. How would you like if the pharmacist misread your prescription an gave you a drug that you were allergic to? Reading and understanding the content of written material is why you're reading it in the first place.

posted by  DSMer

Ok man we're not dealing with nuclear warheads here. He misread it. Let it go lol

posted by  Bronxie

That was a very ignorant statement. People misread things all the time, I certainly do, and it's easily done. Some people also have weaknesses as far as this sort of thing goes. It wasn't a prescription he misread, so no harm was done!

How about you both calm down a little! :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

About the misreading. Pharmascists are paid to do their job and if they mess up it could be life or death, so if they misread there is a problem. SO shut the hell up your comparing apples to oranges but good try anyways.:clap:

And about prejudices your retarded. The Vtec things in my sig is a joke. You should learn to take one. I am in the process of building a S/C 2.4L toyota for a tC. If I hated them so much I wouldnt have volunteered to install the S/C and tune the car for FREE and let him use my garage and all my equipment when he has a problem. I like almost all performance vehicles, some I prefer more than others as does everyone else. It seems you are the prejudice one because every time someone makes a comment about there personal opinion on a subject weather it be OBDII or AWD vs RWD if it strays from your ideals you replyin a very hostile manner. It seems you only stay on this forum to fight as I have seen no helpful post appear under your name.:screwy:

About your DSM beign faster than my car and you where 16, I dont give a shit. Good for you. Lets have a dick waving contest, that real mature.:thumbs:

posted by  Enthusiast

What does you installing a Toyota engine in a car have anything to do with you having ignorant opinions towards Honda's Vtec? I don't see the correlation and I don't really understand why you even mentioned that.

You seem to be a little misinformed about what you're talking about. If I were here just to cause a ruckus, don't you think I would have been banned a LONG time ago? Yeah I guess common sense isn't your forte. You shouldn't confuse knowledge with prejudice. Stop clouding yourself with your bull crap semantics. Jokes are for kids, grow up.

No one is here to make you like everything they like, but when you spew ignorant and misinformed information about a subject you know nothing about. Expect to be corrected...

posted by  DSMer

It struck me that you had a pee day when you wrote that essay:mrgreen:

posted by  Wally

I refered to the tC because it is also a FWD 4 Cyl car with some type of variable valve timing. I only mentioned the toyota because I havent worked on a Honda in a while.

posted by  Enthusiast

Hehe, silly wally.

Erroneous. I rest my case..

posted by  DSMer

hey guys does anyone have any more ideas on my topic any more fwd or awd cars under 2500 any more info would be great i mean im not real picky but its gata have a lot of preformance parts available you know like turbos engine management timing....... you get the picture any more info would be great

posted by  nate wesselink

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