anyone knows where i can buy OEM LIP KITS from the net?

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title says it all...

looking for a 06 wrx and an 02 rsx.

posted by  Ki2AY

youd probably have a lil more luck joining a more specific car forums for each or finding someone on CF that has one of these cars and is slightly intelligable on it and ask them. I would check ebaymotors IIWY

posted by  Enthusiast

Anyone with the ability to use a few simple search engines would be able to conclude the proper information. Shame on you Ki2AY, bad forumer. Use your google :laughing: .

RSX Front Lip (

Subaru WRX (

posted by  DSMer

home depot

lol. got it on my cressida now..

jk, not for a car like those... i think vis or wingswest has lips

posted by  mazda6man

ebay was a first. then i googled it out. maybe im not typing the right name under the bar?
i typed up "buy oem lip kit wrx"
i went through 3 pages until i got layzie. but thx for your help dsmer. those look sweeeeeeeeet

[edit] actually i forgot to mention. not the OEM type-r kit. there is a OEM DEALER kit. that is what i am lookin for.

posted by  Ki2AY


posted by  elchango36

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