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Hey guys, Check out the following link, the fastest EVER Subaru Impreza is about to hit the UK, named the 'Impreza WRX STI WR1'. I'm not sure what the spec or prices will be like in the US, or even if it'll go on sale over there (I'm sure it will though), but the UK spec says it'll complete the 0-60 run in just 4.25 secs!!!

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So, what are your opinions on the Impreza WRX STI WR1 (Wow...bit of a mouthfull that one lol) :thumbs:

edit: Sorry guys, that link wouldn't work as intended...just tap in 'Impreza' to the search bar in the top left corner and scroll down untill you see the 'WRX STI WR1'

posted by  Cliffy

Oh my god! That looks kick a*s! Time to change sig...

posted by  StiMan

Yup, get that sig changed pronto! there's a new kid on the block :thumbs: (anyone remember that band? new kids on the block? sorry....just wondering what happened to them lol)

posted by  Cliffy

oh god, please send them to australia!

posted by  Rhendrix

Who cares about them when America is still WR1 free! (Then go to Australia...) :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

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