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hey anybody, i know hondas are capable of high revs and pretty hard abuse, but i have a 1992 prelude Si 2.3L, and i've floored it and such and it hasn't shown any signs of crappin' out on me, and i don't know how much abuse this car can handle. is the engine overheating the ONLY thing i need to know worry about? it's 15 years old, so i don't know how often i can really gun it. any advice would be awesome, thanks.

posted by  AndersonBraun

Well it varys greatly between engines and I have no personal experience with THIS particular engine. But I say some pretty generic things are to Watch Oil Pressure and Temperature. ALso check your fluids FREQUENTLY and occationally take your old oil and have it diagnosed to see what kind of minerals and how much are in your oil. A compression test would give you some insight as to what kind of condition your engines in. Also on high mileage engines, ive seen SEAFOAM and AUTORX work wonders.Also I cant stress enough when something breaks FIX it asap. Cause not fixing it could just cause an even bigger and more expensive problem for you.

With regular maintenance with Good products and making sure your takin it easy on it when its not warmed up, you should see plenty miles out of your car.

posted by  Enthusiast

Just keep your fingers crossed. :mrgreen:

posted by  67Coronet383

How many miles are on it?

posted by  elchango36

I floored my prelude this last week and blew the valve gasket. What fun that was:ticking:

posted by  Spanky2324

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