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i currently drive a 2000 lincoln ls v8, i love the way the car drives and whatnot, and contrary to what ive heard about the car from others, it's been reliable except for one major repair that had to be done. Problem is, the car i feel being a ford essentially is gonna start having more major problems soon.
it has about 74k miles on it and it's almost paid off, so while not actively looking at dealerships or anything, i am always keeping my nose in the car world just to see what's out there. there are some great deals on mazdaspeed6's at the local mazda dealership, like 20000 US dollars good, plus with selling my lincoln, i figure i could grab about 10k give or take from that. my only concern is being that ultimately owned by ford as well, the reliabilty problems would be the same.

any thoughts on this car from someone with experience or just what you've heard?

on a side note, i love the rx-8 too if i could get a better deal on that, but ive heard nightmare stories about apex seals blowing the engine and such (more so on the rx-7). anyone know about the reliability of that car if it is taken care of as a rotary should be? feedback is appreciated in advance :mrgreen:

posted by  chillin92386

If you're after a family sized car, you can't go far wrong with the Mazda6, My wife's Grandparents have a 2003 1.8-litre model, and theirs is comfortable, and has been a reliable car, too. On the same note, if you're after something a little sportier, you can't go wrong with the RX-8! The RX-8 uses the Rotary engine which is renound for excessive oil consumption, and isn't the strongest engine in the world. You should bear that in mind, but they're not overly unreliable!

posted by  Cliffy

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