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Hey i just bought a 86' Nissan 300zx (non-turbo, coupe) and i've been looking all over for specks as far as max, horsepower , speed, load capasity, etc.

I know i could prob. find this all out by looking in my owners manual but .... i dont have one -_-'.

posted by  garana blade

eh, you should have got a later edition of the 300zx, the 86' model isn't that fast unless you really soup it up. Its max speed and horsepower i read sumwhere is like 115mph and like 122 hp. But i think the 300zx is mostly bout its looks then its speed and hp. Unless you really rice it out and practilly rebuild the engine :D

posted by  WrxRally89

hey thanks for the feed back

i wish this forum was a lil more active O_O , i have a few questions but noone really answers anything ,they just post threads -_-'

posted by  garana blade

damn, all i can find is 1985 and 1987 300zx specs. I wonder how much different the 1986 specs are

if you want the other years ill post it

posted by  North East Customs

the 85' spekcs would be fine. please post. LMAO ,North East Customs your quickly becomeing my fav. member of this forum. i really want to thank you for your help ^_^

posted by  garana blade

Need specs hu?


posted by  Arthur

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