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yo im trying to gt the whole ls vtec setup details like can u use a b16a head on a b20 motor? what kinda power will i be lookin at and is it gonna be like my b16a or faster or slower what tranny shoud i use? i got a b16 in a coupe w/ sparco seats gsr tranny and ecu//dc headers aem cold air.... so yea plz ...any suggestions... i'd appreciate it !


posted by  miatalover3509@

lsvtec is not b20. but yes, with some work, vtec head from a b16 will work on b20. your GSR trans will be just fine to use with the b20. itle be faster than you b16, its also .4 litres bigger. itle also be wayyy torquier too. my buddy used to have one and it was pretty quick

your headers will work

as for ecu, you should get the b20 ecy cuz its bigger. and get a vtec controllr because the b20 ecu wont engage it

posted by  mazda6man

btw. indevidual throttlebodies may just be the ballerest thing you could possibly do... check into it

posted by  mazda6man

yes you can use the b16 head on the b20....its called going to say on stock ecu and the mods you have between 150hp and 160hp but a decent amount of torque though...just keep the gsr ecu no need to use a different one....there is no reason it shouldn't be faster than your car is now. I'd suggest while getting the machine work done get a new clutch and flywheel before you put it back together! thats my :2cents:

posted by  black_plague

the gsr ecu is for 1.8litre and is going to run it as if its a 1.8, and with it being a 2.0 dont you think it may cause it do run a little less efficient? i think a b20 ecu with a vtec controller would be the better way to go. i dont think the guys here anymore, but im curious to figure this out for the hell of it

posted by  mazda6man

the displacement difference doesnt really matter....the ecu for the b20 would make his rev limiter lower and kill top end power also I think it dont even have the pin holes for vtec.....but regardless his best bet would be a chipped p28

posted by  black_plague

Yeah. I bet you aren't building sh!t.:smoke:

posted by  67Coronet383

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