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So everyone knows I want a Miata or an MR2. In order for me to do that I need to sell my hatch. In it's present condition I'd be lucky if I get $5000 (which is what I'd be happy with and imo what it's worth after the exhaust and bushings get replaced). Then I came across what might be my way out. The only problem is after purchasing the exhaust system for my car, I'm not so sure I want to sell her anymore (I've hit that point of no return I guess). So here's the scenario...

There's this kid on another forum who desperatly wants a hatchback. He has a 99 Civic EX coupe with some mods. He says he doesn't want to go through the whole process of selling and then finding a hatch so he's looking for a trade.

Here's his mod list...

It's got 120k on the car 50k on the motor and it needs a new o2 sensor which he has and will include in the trade.

So I got to thinking, his car is a 99, obdII, EX ("luxury" civic with power everything and sunroof)... with those mods it's worth about $5000 ($6500 if it had the OEM bumpers, and about $8000 if it was bone stock)). If I trade, hold on to this untill I got my Camry, then sell, I can get more $$ for it than I would my hatch (I would have to finish the suspension, big brake conversion, and paint if I wanted to get anywhere near $6000).

The Problem:
-If the car had the OEM bumpers, OEM hood or OEM styke CF hood, and completly stock engine, I would have made a move on this already. The fugly bumpers and mini-me swap are the only things I don't like about this car (as they're the only things devaluing it).
-Not so sure I want to loose my hatch.

So what should I do?

**EDIT... I forgpt the pics, sorry!

posted by  elchango36

Wow this is a tough one.

As for the method of doing this, I would say the less selling, the better, because as you might know, you don't always get the right value for your car and you run the risk of losing $$.

When do you graduate?

I think if you graduate in a few years, you should get the miata now. They hold their value exceptionally well for a mainstream car and you will still have some value left in it after a few years.

If you graduate in under 2 years, I would wait and get an s2k which you will probably enjoy more and for a longer period of time.

posted by  Bronxie

If all goes well, I graduate Spring of '08.

Thanks for your input.

posted by  elchango36

i head or tails'ed each option against each other. voted for the last one..... i have yet to see myself get a bad grade using a quarter in a test.

posted by  Inygknok

I'm also one for the third option. Trading your uber EG for that EK, only to sell the EK (hoping to get a profit) seems rather risky. Finish the EG first, seeing as to how you're not going to let go of it so easily (no regrets) and then get the S2000 or MX5 after you graduate. It seems more of a fool-proof plan to me, and besides...I just can't resist the S2000.:mrgreen: My :2cents: .

posted by  Newspeak

I have a chemistry test tomorrow that's all multiple choice...Your system better work! lol.

I chose the last option. I don't really like the styling of that EX, and driving it for a year and a half wouldn't be too pleasurable (that's just me though). I'm sure a better offer will come up if you still want to trade it later. I just think holding out for a while and getting an S2000 would be the most rewarding in the long run.

posted by  chris_knows

you are only valuing ur car for 5k? whats the mod list on it? and how many k miles? ohh ya,are u looking for the newer mr2's or older? i have a friend who might be selling his 02 or so red mr2 spider.

posted by  V-Tec

Engine has 75K, body has 200,000+

I'm being realistic. I can ask for $6000 all day long and not get a single call or email about it. Needs to much work to be worth more than $5000.

I'm looking for a mid-90's MR2 turbo, preferably red or black. Ideally, I'd love to find one with the uber-rare TRD widebody kit, but I'll probably never find one in my price range. :ohcrap:

posted by  elchango36

I don't think that civic looks to bad. And no offense, but if it were me, I'd pay alot more for that civic then the hatch. The hatch I'd give maybe 3k or so, but that's just me. I think I'd take the other civic. :2cents:

posted by  Pythias

Yeah, 5K seems even a little high to me. It's modded and has some good mileage. Anyways, I'd call the junk yards around and see if they have any bumpers/hood you want. You coluld also throw some posts on a Honda board, I bet somebody would want to trade their stock bumpers/hood for that setup. Seems like you could probably make some $ if you're willing to make the effort.

posted by  giant016

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