Lamborghini Muricielago vs. Mitsubishi Evo VIII MR FR-400

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Wow, i haven't posted in a while, so i'll make my comeback with a splash.

Finally, evidence that shows Japanese imports aren't all riced up Honda civics, or Toyota Camrys with a baby seat in the back seat. Keep in mind this is the British FR-400 version, which means 400+ hp, but this can easily be done to a stateside Evo with new turbo, etc, etc and still total at a lot less then the Lambo. First, its the lamboghini, next are the GT vehicles, and maybe even the exotics and muscles. Lexus LF-A, GT-R, V10 NSX are going to make every muscle and european nut who insulted vtec and small engines cry.

Outside link, hope the mods don't mind. -the-lamborghini-murcielago/

posted by  aerith

Well, I believe it and I know it's been done many times.

People compare their cars to these super cars but don't realize the super cars aren't JUST about speed, there is much more that goes into them :)

But if it makes someone

Oh and that evo is hot. Definitely a great car.

posted by  Bronxie


I agree.

posted by  Newspeak

Too bad, the next gen V10 NSX is FR though, i was hoping that they would continue with the MR layout, the last gen NSX was done so well. But i guess it needs to be FR to compete with the its competition; which is Nissan's GTR, Lexus's LF-A and Corvette Z06, maybe even Viper SRT10 and not the Ferrari's and Porsches.

posted by  aerith

I saw a Top Gear video that had a FR-400 vs a MurciƩlago with the Stig in the Lambo and Clarkson in the Evo and Clarkson was barely behind the Lambo when the damn thing just spun out and the Evo won. Search for the video on youtube

posted by  skeetin870

haha the V12 cant lose the little 2.0 4 Cyl!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love evos

posted by  Andrew0261


What are you talking about. Not all Japanese imports are "riced up". In fact there are more of them on the roads that are not modified than there are ones modified. If people want to make ignorant opinions about ALL Japanese imports then let them.

It still does'nt deny the fact that there are lots of Japanese imports with performance that outweigh cars of domestic and european design. Even the ones that are modified in autocross and bracket racing. You don't need a video of an Evo beating a Lamborghini to prove that.

posted by  DSMer

shame you didnt see who was driving the lambo correctly, it wasnt the stig:laughing: , it was driven by a btcc (british touring cars championship) racing driver! (James Kay, i didnt know his name from the video or programme, he happened to be a favourite driver of mine at one point!)
and the mitsu isnt called the FR400 either!!!!
its called the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR FQ400!!!
get the facts right!:wink2:
(listen out for the name at the 4min 10 sec mark, youll even see the driver!)

dont forget though, with a turbo as big as that car has, it has a lot of turbo lag! (at the 2 min mark!)

posted by  True_Brit

Thats been known for a long time. The other day I lined up next to a Integra at the track that ran a mid 9.

From what your typed here it sounds like you think there is a big gap in performance between the z06 and viper. Apparently the winner between the two is usualy decided by the track, and drivers. These two cars perform very much alike. And the price gap shouldnt be what causes one of them to included and the other not when you are comparing them to an NSX which will likely be priced around or more than the viper.

posted by  Enthusiast

saw this video over a year ago

its a nice video, but obviously the lambo driver spun on purpose

dont get me wrong, the evo is a great car, but it'll never go past 160-170 mph (something the lambo happens to do very well)

posted by  nighthawk

they do 175mph! -FQ-400.htm

posted by  True_Brit

Only unrestricted....Surely?

posted by  Cliffy

it aint resticted! there was one at my local mitsubishi dealer once (not so long ago!!!) great car to look at, its almost as normal as the others like the
fq300 or just the standard 2.0litre jobbies!

posted by  True_Brit

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