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yo i got a b16a and othe3r stuff yall poly kno arready , but im having problems finding parts and such ... i.e coolant temp sensor axxle 4 a gsr tranny w a b16 motor ... help plz

posted by  miatalover3509@

You are aware that just about every B series part will bolt onto just about avery b series engine? Some parts may be more performance oriented than others and it's your job to know what parts you need for your build. Is your b16 usdm or JDM? OBDII or OBDI or OBD0? All this is important to know when finding the right parts. When you know all of this, you will know what parts off what cars you need to be hunting down for. Savvy?

The drive axles will be a bit harder to find. I went to this place that rebuilds drive axles and they built me custom axles(I believe they're half GSR/half Civic). There are places online that sell axles for swapped vehicles, but they're a bit pricey (I paid $90 for my axles).

posted by  elchango36

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