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well last week me and my buddies went out to get some food at about 2 am. Whne we pulled into the restaraunt, we saw A nice and stock looking White STi. Gold rims, all the STi labels, everything that STi has. Just for the f*ck of it i looked inside and something that stunned me. It was automatic
The car also had a couple of decals on teh back that kind of made it look like the car belonged to a chick.

Now i am pretty sure they dont make STi's in auto. So my questions are how much would it cost to make an STi in auto? ( i know it can be done... Kobe Bryant did it in teh lamborghini for his wife...)

and how much money would it cost to completely convert an auto 2.5 Rs into an STI.

If i had my digital camera i would of taken pics....

posted by  V-Tec

Obviously a couple of $5.00 STI emblems/decals.:laughing:

posted by  elchango36

To convert a manual STi to auto? The price of an auto transmission plus about $800-1500 for installation.

Convert a 2.5RS to an STi? Well you're going to need the engine, trans, drivetrain, and suspension. So a lot... If someone were dedicated enough to do such a transformation then I would have to guess maybe $8-10K in parts alone. So well enough to cost more than it would be to simply buy a used STi.

posted by  DSMer

Thats IF the STI's engine even bolts up to an automatic transmission.

posted by  PontiacFan27

for some reason, people will just find a way..... who knows why they would want to though.....

posted by  Inygknok

It was prolly just a WRX with STi body parts.

posted by  NYCer

You can mill brackets and have all sorts of things done to make transmissions mate to engines. That would be the last of you worries. When swapping engines, the general concern is the area and space alloted for the fit.

posted by  DSMer

If a transmisson won't fit, it just won't fit.

posted by  67Coronet383

Also, those engines are found in Auto Subarus as far as I know. It should be a pretty clear cut swap, maybe with one or two mods? :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

I say nay. It's all metal and it can be molded, removed, and cut. If a transmission won't fit then you can "make" it fit. If you've ever seen an specific episode of Tuner Transformation, they converted a Toyota Paseo to RWD. The transmission and driveshaft would not fit so they simply created ducting out of aluminum to make it fit.

posted by  DSMer

Why wouldn't an auto fit? Is the STI not the same chassis and body as the regular wrx or even the regular impreza?

If so, why wouldn't it fit...

I looked for prices on changing a car to a 6spd manual transmission once and it cost about 6000 bucks for a BMW.

posted by  Bronxie

Including labor? Thats not to bad then, if you pay someone else to do it its about the same for a Mustang.

posted by  Pythias

And ducting has what to do with modifying a transmission to "mate to engines?"

posted by  67Coronet383

If the engine from the Sti is soley used in conjunction with a manual gearbox (which it is...apparently), you would need to modify the auto box to fit on to that engine etc, as the fixings will more than likely be different as an automatic gearbox is usually bigger than a manual, or shaped differently.

posted by  Cliffy

Metal can be modified. You can easily make a bellhousing that will fit. However when you use words like "fit" you are implying that the transmission won't physically sit inside of said space.

I believe what you wanted to say was "If a transmission won't connect or bolt up, then it won't bolt up to the engine" Either way you would still be wrong.

posted by  DSMer

OK - lets say you made a bellhousing that fits. Yay, now you can mate the tranny and engine. Now, what about that darn input shaft? The thing is you can't just modify one thing (bellhousing) and expect things to work. There's a lot more to mating and engine and tranny than bellhousing.

posted by  67Coronet383

It was more likely decals and bodywork. Who in their right mind would spend the money to ruin a perfectly good STI? The owner more likely want to pretend to have an STI, at the cost of something lesser, rather than spend the money on an STI, and spend the money on the conversion, just because of laziness to shift gears.

posted by  Mathew

The bell housing is exactly the same it fits perfect. And the biggest and really only real road block is the tuning when it comes down to it. For those with attitudes like Mathew above here check out ipt performance transmissions. They have an 06 or 07 STI converted to auto that runs 11.2 in the 1/4 mile, and his 1/8 mile is amazing. It's still very street legal no major mods. Before you run your mouth about lazy people driving a an auto instead of stick, the owner is in a wheel chair thus cant clutch. Auto versus manual is all preference, why do so many drag cars run autos? When you mate a turbo vehicle with an auto and proper tuning you have nothing but constant pull and spool, no de-spool from clutching. Although you wont be drifting with an auto. It's all what you use your car for, or what your needs are.

deedz82   09 Apr 2012 08:35

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