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where do you guys think is the best place to get a good condition cheap car? i heard that the car auctions have alot of cheap cars that are in good condition. especially the police car auctions. i am looking for a 1992 civic hatchback, or a 240sx s14 coupe. how much do these 2 cars usually go for in car auctions?

posted by  hondapower

Funny how that site links you to another site that McAfee doesn't like. dumbass

posted by  dvdrose18

its a porsche 914 i bought it for $500 they said when i bought it that the fuel pump was bad
so i got it cheap
well when i got it home i wired the fuel pump too the battery and it ran.
so that wasnt the problem.
the next thing i did was look up the wire diagram on the computer lol
that was a mess.
so i sarted clatting with this guy in peoria il that was about 30 min away from me at the time i lived in bloomington.
he had this 914 web site.
it turned out that he knew my car he was the mech. for the last guy that had my car.
long story short all that was wrong with the car was a cheap $2.50 fuel relay

well i was going too add a pic of the car vut i dont know how too do it on here
sorry folks im new

posted by  H.L.Dillon

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