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can a civic hatchback dust a '92 prelude if the hatchback has a b18 or a k20 engine and the prelude has an h22 in it?

posted by  hondapower

Which B18?

Prelude S vs. Swapped Hatch
B18C1 hatch=yes, K20 hatch=depends on which K20, H22 hatch=yes

Let's assume that both drivers (and motors) weigh nothing and the motors in the cars are completely stock. And since they are both getting swaps (the Prelude didn't get the H22 untill 93), we'll use the lightest models to see who has the advantage.

Power/Weight Ratios

Prelude S = 2809 lbs/220hp(most powerful H22 stock)= 12.76lbs/hp

Civic VX with...

B18A=2094 lbs/140hp(most powerfull B18A)=14.96 lbs/hp
B18B=2094 lbs/142hp=14.75 lbs/hp
B18C1=2094lbs/170hp(weakest B18C)=12.31 lbs/hp
K20A3=2094lbs/160hp(weakest K20)=13.09 lbs/hp
H22A=2094/190hp(weakest H22)=11.02 lbs/hp

Of course the outcome of a race depends on more than just numbers, talent also has a lot to do with it. This won't tell you who will win, just which car has a better chance.

Judging by your other post I assume you are in high school, and one of your friends has a Prelude, and that you want to be able to beat him in your new car. Is that correct?

posted by  elchango36

yeah lol that is correct. but according to the numbers the k20 hatch is faster than the h22 prelude?

posted by  hondapower

Which numbers? My numbers show that the K20A3 hatch doesn't have enough power to move faster than the Prelude can move. The lower the number the better, not the other way around. Less weight = more speed. Weight, my friend, is the enemy.

Try this out sometime so you understand.

Take your backpack and fill it up with textbooks. Run from one end of the street down to the other end. Give yourself some time to breathe. Run back the other way this time without your backpack.
Which run was quicker? Why?

posted by  elchango36

i hope he not that stupid he has to try that lol.......

posted by  Andrew0261

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