Most likely getting a brand new wrx next October

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I think my heart is set on it. Just went to test drive one, and it is better than the mustang in like everyway. We won't get the STI, my dad wouldn't allow that, and we won't buy used, because "We don't know what wreck it's been in or if it's been pulled out of a lake, plus the monetary difference is minimal to me", say's my dad.
So, how are teh 08 wrx's? Any significant changes to come?
Any help would be appreciated.

posted by  t to the maxx2


1. Carfax
2. The monetary difference is close to 30% for a broken in car. Go to a dealership, play them right, and you can get an 08 WRX with 5-10,000 miles at 25% less invoice on new.

posted by  Godlaus

ya i agree with you....but most likely buying used WRx and performance cars will be beat to hell if you buy them used....( not saying that all are but a lot will be)

posted by  V-Tec

I agree with v-tec on that one also. If it was like a corvette, most corvette owners are old and take care of there cars. But a brand new wrx in the hands of a teen, I would rather me be the only one in charge of the car, and not worry about what the 16 year old before me did, racing, redlining it all day, etc etc

posted by  t to the maxx2

^il third that notion...
especially knowing subaru owners... always buy new! they beat on those things

posted by  mazda6man

It fun to beat cars! it just not fun replacing everything on them :ohcrap:

posted by  Andrew0261


All cars that dealerships have are badly taken care of, right?


I sold a guy a California Special Mustang GT convertible. I called him back 3 months later, and had him trade it in, and buy a brand spanking new Mustang GT california special because we had a 0% special out.

The car has less than a thousand miles on it. I was able to save him $100 on his monthly payment, and I was able to give him 60% for his trade.

The guy I ended up selling the used california special to was a huge ripper. I made tons of money on it, because the car was perfect.
Are you going to let that amazing offer go by because you think that all WRXs are driven by testosterone-freak teenagers? And there's a simple solution for that, take a history, and look at the tires. People's ECUs contain a tracking device, and the tires tell a lot about the driver.

You're making excuses because you're uncomfortable with the idea of a used car. If you're really that freaked out, then sure, go ahead and do what you like. I'm just saying that I can save you tons of money, if you can get rid of your prejuidice.

In the end, it's your money. Do with it what is fair.

posted by  Godlaus

MS6 ftw... that or ms3

Or perhaps the new volvo c30 when it comes out :)?

posted by  Bronxie

you like that? hell i dont!!!

posted by  True_Brit

oh, also, back to subaru
check this out if you havent seen it yet


posted by  mazda6man

"I" have no issues with buying used, it's my dad that refuses to buy used.

posted by  t to the maxx2

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