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Honda revealed two concepts at 2007 NAIAS, one is a general idea of what the next gen NSX will look like, the other is the next gen Accord Coupe. Keep in mind, these are not production versions, the production version of the Accord Coupe will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this fall, i believe, not sure about the NSX though.

First up, is the "Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept"

Picture 1 ( ports-car-concept.jpg)

Picture 2 ( ports-car-concept.jpg)

Picture 3 ( ports-car-concept.jpg)

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For those who don't know much about it, this car will be powered by a V10 powerplant putting out at least 500 ponies, and will feature a rear wheel biased SH-AWD.

I personally think that this car looks awesome, it is more subtle and sleek then Lexus's LF-A, but it does so in a good way. Whereas the Lexus is elegant and smooth, this car seems like its about to pounce, it features powerful muscular lines. You can't lose when you are planning to pick a flasgship from the next gen japanese exotics, the LF-A is great, the NSX just as good if not better, the GT-R although loses out in looks but makes up in price. Here's a pic of the LF-A for reference, this is the latest incarnation.

Picture 4 ( 04.jpg)

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And here is the Honda Accord Coupe Concept:

Picture 5 ( pg)

Picture 6 ( pg)

Picture 7 ( pg)

Picture 8 ( pg)

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I personally think this will be the new benchmark. The new Altima Coupe does not even come close in style. The newly released Camry doesn't hold a candle. From Honda tradition, we can predict that the sedan will share a similiar front end, but the rear end will probaly be different; that is assuming that Honda carries out the same method that they used with the current gen accord.

With these two new products coming in the next two years or so, we can predict Honda Sales to increase.

posted by  aerith

Heres some more pictures of the Acura Advanced Concept and the Honda Accord Coupe Concept:

Picture 9 ( d-sports-car---10.jpg)

Picture 10 ( d-sports-car---04.jpg)

Picture 11 ( d-sports-car---02.jpg)

Picture 12 ( coupe---03.jpg)

Picture 13 ( coupe---06.jpg)

Picture 14 ( coupe---12.jpg)

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posted by  aerith

I'm going over the weekend, can't wait lol.

The first "Advanced Sports Car Concept" picture doesn't work, but they do in your second post. (I think you need to be a member of Temple Of V-Tec).

The LF-A kinda looks like what I imagine the next gen Supra to look like. Nice.

The Accord looks fantastic, but I doubt it will hit production like that

The Advanced Concept rear resembles a Solstice's IMO. It looks awesome though...

Those are my opinions there lol.

posted by  chris_knows

Picture 1 ( 04.jpg)
That's one sleek car.

posted by  67Coronet383

Anyone else seeing a huge resemblance to the new Altima Coupe on there?

I like honda and I like the new accord coupe, but I really prefer the altima coupe more. Also with 270hp, I think honda will have its work cut out for it.

posted by  Bronxie

It's not just about straight line performance, nothing is known about the accord coupe yet, but if it sports SH-AWD, i expect the Altima coupe to have its work cut out it on the curves. I personally think the Accord Coupe concept is a lot more stylish and aggressive then the Altima Coupe. The Altima looks bland and blends in, feels like a family car, no excitement. Especially when you compare the front ends. The Altima looks like a beige cubicle, while the Accord looks like a corner office with a view of the race track.

And the similiar shape, of course they are going to have similiar shapes, i mean they are direct competitors.

posted by  aerith

If the accord has awd it wins hands down.

I personally find the altima to be sexier. Looks like a more curvy and less boxy version of a G35 coupe.

Their shape isn't just's like IDENTICAL!

But I am not claiming that honda copied nissan, because I know the altima concept just came out recently, so obviously this was in the works for a while.

posted by  Bronxie

work for honda or just obsessed?


posted by  nighthawk

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