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im soon buying my first car a 1986 mazda rx-7 with a motor that doesnt work for $400, since the engine wont work i figured i might as well get a factory rebuilt 1989-1992 engine because it has more hp. Would this work? What is a good price for the engine?

posted by  f1luva92

Look at the rebuilt engines from Pineapple Racing. Stock and mild street port engines are relatively cheap, and come with warranties. Good basic upgrade for a project car, and the rotaries are easy to swap in and out.

Also, check with the forums at, as a LOT of people have replaced engines there... :mrgreen:

posted by  ChrisV

RX-7 is prob. one of the most moded car ever, so it shouldnt be hard to do

posted by  greg985

i would definately say go for it. question though, u said it didnt work.... is the car itself in a good condition or is it seriously beaten up?

posted by  Inygknok

i decided not to get it because it is very out of date, which i dindt think about b4, i bought my brother's 2000 mitsubishi eclipse instead for 5000 perfect condition and i know the entire car history, thank you for all of your suggestions and posts

posted by  f1luva92

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