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OK so now that the focus is on handling, I am in a pickle. My car didnt come with a rear sway bar...not just MY car, but the civic LX didnt come with one. The front according to an online site is a 25.4mm diameter. What is a good one to stick on the back to level out the understeer, but not overdo it with oversteer. Ive heard that the 19mm RSX rear sway bolts right in, no clearance issues, and is a good part to help balance steering. I realize that a sway bar alone will not give me rail-like handling, but it will help. Is 19mm a good bar to go with, or should I go bigger or smaller?

P.S. I will be using an adaptor kit by PROGRESS which also incorporates a tie bar into its design. Some have said that if I get a rear sway, and no rear tie, parts will start to break. For this project I will need

RSX rear sway
RSX endlinks
PROGRESS mounting kit
and a bunch of other little bolts.

posted by  newyorker

from my understanding, bigger front sway bar = understeer, bigger rear sway bar = oversteer.
What's your current spring/shock setup?

posted by  elchango36

Stock. I want to balance that by getting a rear sway, but I dont know what size to go with.

posted by  newyorker

Don't. Save your money on something useful. That's completely pointless and a waste of money. Your near stock LX is neither a race beast, nor a drifting machine. Buy your girlfriend something pretty for Valentines Day. :laughing:


posted by  Nissan_Altima

I would get a big aftermarket RSX sway bar and OEM RSX linkages. Aftermarket ones are usually cheaper, anyway.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Honestly, you'd notice better handling by upgrading your mushy springs/shocks than just adding a rear sway bar. Trust me, the difference is like night and day.

posted by  elchango36

Coming from the king of the crop lol. How is the Sentra treating you? Remember that time you had PCV pipes strapped to the side for extra power?

posted by  newyorker

If the bar is gona be very big oversteer is going to be very bad

P.S. Il be careful with her leg ;)

posted by  newyorker

Your car is front wheel drive. You need all the oversteer you can get.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Not to the point where its uncontrollable.

posted by  newyorker

Lower it w/ coilovers, springs and shocks.

That will give your car better handling but perhaps a less comfortable ride depending on how you look at it.

Everything is a trade-off. You can't have a race car and a dependable DD w/out spending a lot of $$ for one

posted by  Bronxie

Do the 19mm bar. Adding ANY bar on a car that didn't have one will be a very noticeable difference, and yet not get the the ITR level of natural oversteer, or be dangerous in lift throttle situations. it'll make the daily driver more fun to go around corners in while retaining the ride of the stock vehicle.

Then go for springs/struts, and stickier tires of you want more handling.

posted by  ChrisV

General Exclaim UHP


Falken Azenis rt-615

Size is 205 40 17 mounted on a rather heavy rim...want slips, but need money.

posted by  newyorker

The king of crop? Huh? Sentra is treating me fine, thanks for asking. Those pipes were there for a reason. It's called helping out an ex-gf. Nothing to do with my car. Act normal, and maybe one day you'll find out what that is. Remember that time you took out the backseat out of your Dodge Neon for "weight reduction"?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Yea, that was a fun time lol. Dont worry about me and the females lol. On a side note, help Igor get rid of his lol.

BTW I know that it was her polevaulting stuff

So slio, what size rear sway should I go with? should I use my OEM endlinks or get the RSX ones?

posted by  newyorker

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