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OK me and my b/f have started a transplant on my 91 teg. It had an automatic trans in it so we found a 5 speed to go into it. But while we had the motor and trans out we decided to fix a little problem it had. It had been wrecked before and the frame was smashed. so we cut the front clip off and put a new one on. but we got the motor and trans back in. So it has a 5 speed in it now:clap: but here are some pics

In the beginning there where 2 cars

then we cut the cars in 2

And now I have one whole car with a 5 speed

posted by  playboy_girl

Next time give the camera to someone without Multiple Sclerosis. But seriously, this is a cool thing you are doing with your boyfriend. Rarely do girls like things like this.

P.S: "Teg" isn't very descriptive. This is a general forum; most people won't understand what a "Teg" is. If you hadn't posted pictures, I would have thought one of the forum's members was wanted for murder.

posted by  What

I also thought it was about 99integra lol

posted by  Bronxie

So it's "nearly" a cut 'n shut? :ohcrap:

And those pics made my eyes go funny...

posted by  Cliffy

I didn't think it was about Teggy lol.

It's nice to have those tools at your disposal...How long did it take to do?

posted by  chris_knows

at what point did you use a circular saw in a that transplant.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Well it started out we where just going to drop the cradle and put a 5 speed in it, but then we got to thinking there is one good car that hadn't been wrecked and then there was mine with a smashed frame so we got the circular saw out and went to work and cut both front ends off so now I have one good car with out the smashed frame. We are still not done with it still has to be wired up. We been working on it for about 3 nights 3 long nights.....But hard work pays off!!!!!!!!:clap: And sorry about the title I will clarify myself next time. As for the pics the fluorescent light messes with the camera for some reason

posted by  playboy_girl

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