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Love that car I can't wait to get it in july, i own Scion tC but hopefully one of the dealers will make me good offer for trade in.

What are your thoughts?

Source in case you haven't seen it:

posted by  Majo

This looks a bit like an ad to me...

The car itself doesn't look too bad although it does seem a bit underpowered.

posted by  chris_knows

Yeah I would say so too, I had xA which is the older version of xD , had only 108hp , that was the reason i changed it to tC (161hp) now i want to go back to 128hp and maybe do some modifications to the engine :)

posted by  Majo

This is in European Imports because...?

Looks pretty cool. So it's the new version of the xA? So it'll come here, right?

posted by  StiMan

Please do not advertise your site again. This is the only warning you'll receive, next time you'll be banned. You are also lucky to be keeping that sig, as I understand it you removed the advert from it, so the name alone doesn't really represent anything.

I had a brain freeze there....I'll move this to Asian Imports....I believe that's kinda correct, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

Cliff - Me advertise ? I think you miss understood my source but hey i dont want to argue you are the mod you are always right, anyways what is wrong to be crazy about Toyota "as my signature states" i didn't link to any site.

Moving on,

Yeah that is a new scion xA that i will probably buy for my wife since i owned scion xA before currently owning 2007 tC

I also like that the car have 1.8L engine with 130hp!!! well my xA had more but thats another story :) .

What color would you pick on car like scion xD ( please Google "scion xD pictures" since my source was removed ).

posted by  Majo

I explained myself in my PM to you, so I'll be brief here. I honestly can't remember what that link was that I deleted (due to my above comment in this thread...I guess it was somethingh about Toyota Crazy? a site or something?), but I wouldn't have done so if I or other members didn't see it as an advert. I also seem to recall Chris_Knows saying something about a link in your sig, back in your intro thread. This link was subsequently removed, not by me but either by yourself or another Moderator. That is all :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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