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hi. im getting ready to turn 16 and looking for a car. i have been looking around at esclipses an talons 2nd gen. im leaning more towards the talons. i found one on auto trader ( ar_year=1997&model=TALON&num_records=25&make2=&start_year=1981&keywordsfyc= &keywordsrep=&engine=&certified=&body_code=0&fuel=&search_type=both&distanc e=75&make=EAGLE&color=&min_price=&drive=&default_sort=priceDESC&max_mileage =&style_flag=1&sort_type=priceDESC&address=62298&advanced=&end_year=2007&do ors=&transmission=&max_price=&cardist=29 ) it is a tsi awd and $15000 with 53,386 miles.. do you guys think that is too much? i have enough to pay that but i just think it seems a little high but hey what do i know. also he sayes he has done to many mods to type in the descpription but i just e-mail him asking him to see a list. i will post it when he replys. and if yall could just give me a little input on the 97 talons. i know they are not the most reliable cars out there but i am willing to deal with that.

posted by  Goeddel

1. ok first of all that car is WAY too fast for you at your age....
2. That car is too expensive.
3. Buying a used and highly modified car is risky since it's most likely been abused. ( especially talons and eclipses)
4. For 15k why would u want that?
5. I mean for 15k you can get something newer, something that looks better, and something that is a lot more reliable.
6. Some of the cars i might suggest if you are looking for a sporty car are/
94-2001 Acura Integra GSR or Type R, 97-2001 Honda Prelude, 97- 07 Civic SI, 02-06 Acura Rsx / Rsx S, 2002-2004 Dodge Srt-4, 2002-2005 Subaru WRX. 03- Honda s2000 If i had 15k these would be the cars i would look for.... out of all of them i would choose the following in descending order. Subaru WRX, Acura RSX, Integra Type R.

These suggestion are based upon, reliability, performance and safety. I could of said get a Camaro SS, but i dont think you can handle a RWD car with that much power at your age... Same with the Mustang Gt's and Cobras. I personally love the eclipses myself but they have shown to be unreliable at higher mileage.

Now if you decide to buy a sports or semi sports car, please do all of us a favor and take some advanced driving courses.

If u need more help just ask....ohh ya you can also buy a brand new Pontiac G6 sedan. :laughing:

posted by  V-Tec

That car is definitely not that fast. No more faster than the Si or Subaru WRX you named.

Also, have you taken an advanced driving course? Will you pay for his?

If he wants a Talon TSi/Eclipse GSX, I say he try his hardest to get one...but not THAT one. Way too expensive for a Talon or Eclipse. The Eclipses hold their value better due to a more desirable shape, but that's all on you. I wouldn't drop more than 20 beans on this car.

As far as reliability goes, your chances of that car breaking aren't much different than its competitors. The reliability issues with that car has been over-blown. I never experienced crank-walk and I put a bunch of miles on my GSX.

If you wanna drop 15-16k on a car, consider the 350z. Insurance won't be cheap whichever way you go.

posted by  What

anything that i can tune where insurance would atleast be reasonable?

posted by  Goeddel

You could tune a Ford F-150 if you like. Everything is tune-able.

What do you like? 2 door? 4 door? 2 seater?

Body kits? Engine tweaking?

How fast do you want to go? Budget?

posted by  What

15K seems really high for that car. Usually adding mods to a car DECREASES its value. Unless he's got 10K in mods alone I wouldn't give him over 10K the whole car. I don't have a Blue Book or anything in front of me right now, but you can get a lot more car for $15,000 IMHO.

posted by  giant016

I believe that car has a 20g turbo upgrade... and by the way he talks about it probably more stuff. are u saying that this talon isn't fastr than 14 sec?

modding the car decreases the kbb value... the street value however goes up in most cases. Especially when someone is looking for a modded car...

posted by  V-Tec

this is the mod list he sent me
The basic list of mods on the car includes...

-DSM Performance FMIC w/ short route piping & k&n fipk
-Ported/clipped 20g hybrid
-TurboXS mbc, spal fans, larson hose kit
-Full 3" exhaust comes w/ test pipe, high flow cat, apexi n1
-Greddy Type S
-RC550 injectors w/ rewired walbro 255hp
-Apexi safc
-Chipped eprom w/ shiftlight, fuel adj., stutterbox (never used), 8k redline, etc
-Magnecore's w/ ngk's
-Tokico Illumina kit w/ ingalls camber front and rear
-Rm sways and front strut
-AEM Big brakes front and rear w/ metal masters, ss lines and motul
-Limited ed. 18" Teck drifters w/ Eagle F1 gsd3's
-Hella/osram HID's, piaa superwhites everywhere else w/ clear corners
-Lotek a-pillar w/ autometer boost, egt, and a/f... also hks tt
-Custom configured viper 800esp alarm, works with factory alarm/tt
-35% mirror tint, greddy shift knob (w/ metal bushing kit), sparco pedals, teck snap off wheel (stock w/ airbag included)

i like 2 door cars that site 4-5 ppl and i would like to put on a body kit and like some bolt on components on the engine. i would like to be decently fast.. maybe race a little but i doubt it. and my budget is around 15-20k at the moment im not real sure yet but i would like to get a car that i can get a decent price for insurance

posted by  Goeddel

Toyota Corolla XRS FTW!!

posted by  krolla

For 15k you're close to SRT-4 and 03' 350Z prices. Those are newer, better, and lower-mileage cars.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Meh, a brand new pontiac g6 is better than a 7 year old sebring convertible with a blown tranny. And buying used is a risk my dad didn't want to take:banghead: :thumbs:

posted by  t to the maxx2

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