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i know that my mitsubisi rage is not meant to go fast. but what can i do or buy to feel a diffrence in power. i would like cheap things and some expensive things but let me know what you know.

mitsubishi mirage 98
mostly stock(flowmaster catback)
heavy ass system in the trunk
and my 240lbs
thats it

posted by  road_rage

It took me about 5 seconds to figure out that by mitsubis?i ??rage you meant Mitsubishi Mirage. "What" never thinks past 4 seconds. Your "cool" spelling is flawed because it proves to be mostly a communication hindrance outside of your secret "Mirage" society. You should learn...how to f*cking communicate...to the...masses...if you want...massive help.

But in the mean time, you can strip your car of everything you don't really need...like seats, interior trim, spare wheel, carpet, radio...etc.

Now lets start being real.

But first, I'll help you...

1.5 liter RAGE Performance mods...

1.) 2.25 Inch exhaust all the way from the headers back.
2.) Get rid of the cat (if you're in a no-smog state)
3.) Get some high flow headers. RPW makes them.
4.) Get a bigger throttle body.
5.) Throw a K&N filter in the stock intake system.
6.) Get a port and polish done.
7.) Injectors.
8.) Higher compresstion pistons.

Getting ALOT of power out of the 1.5L is a hard task. but it CAN be done.

A solid system can be had for less than 2 grand.

Raptor makes a supercharge. I wouldn't reccomend this, because of you're lack of displacement. However, it can be done.

-DOHC Swap-
Very expensive

-Engine Swap-
This is the most effective way to make power outta that little car you have....
-4G15 SOHC 12 valve engine - rated 90hp factory
-4G15 DOHC 12 valve engine - rated 101hp factory
-4G92 SOHC 16 valve engine - rated 101hp factory
-4G93 SOHC 16 valve engine - rated 115hp factory
-4G94 SOHC 16 valve engine - rated 131hp factory
-6A13 SOHC 24 valve engine - rated 160hp factory
-6A12 DOHC 24 valve engine - rated 160hp factory
-6A12 DOHC 24 valve Mivec - rated 201hp factory
-4G92 DOHC 16 valve engine - rated 174hp factory
-4G93 DOHC 16 valve engine - rated 134hp factory
-4G93 DOHC 16 valve turbo - rated 214hp factory
-4G63 DOHC 16 valve turbo - rated 276hp factory

Now...read your PM.

posted by  What

Can't say I agree with this. Even no-smog states often have visual emissions tests, and his car might have sensors that will go off if he removes the cat without getting the trouble codes tuned out. Not to mention that catless cars have a tenancy to smell like rotten eggs. Not worth the extra 2hp if you ask me.

posted by  giant016

Less Maccas and Colonels Sanders might be a good start. You know they're banning fast foods with transfats here.

I have never wasted my time with a mitsi engine since the Astron days, but you might like to try this:

I'm guessing it's a pretty average power level ~= 70kW at what 6000 rpm and max VE at about 3000 rpm =~ 1.5 x 3000/120 = 37.5kW = 37,500/(2Pi x 50) ~= 120 Nm?

So at max power you will be sucking about 70 l/s which means your rough throttle body size should be 55mm, but more realistically 50mm to give it authority over the valves.

Your intake pipe should also be 50mm and approximately 600mm long by my rough calculations.

So firstly check your throttle body is 50mm, secondly check that the intake pipe is 50mm diameter and about 600mm long. The type of filter won't make any difference.

posted by  Wally

wally, can I have the formula to figure optimum intake size out? I want to make my brother an intake that works well.

posted by  azkid110

I thought the same thing (for once)....maybe if he'd said "raaaarge"....

posted by  Cliffy

Well I could, but then I would have to kill you :mrgreen:

posted by  Wally

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