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Alright I came to the realiation today that buying a nice car for a first car is a bad idea seeing as how I'll probably crash it and that if I make it into the college I want to go to, keeping a car would be unpractical. So instead of spending all my money on one I decides I'm going to save some of my savings for later investments. So with my money and the money my parents are generously giving me I reckon I have about $8,000 or so.

Anyway I looked around the internet really quick and noticed that I cank get an MK.3 supra for around that much. Is this a good or bad idea?

posted by  Ferny

First, don't assume you're going to crash your first car.

Second, the MK3 Supra is nothing special. It was more a luxury car than a sports car. The spectacularness of the MK4 may trickle down to the MK3 in terms of raising the price a bit, but the performance of the MK3 doesn't warrant it. Eight grand will get you a newer, better used car than a 15-20 year old Supra.

Whatever you buy, use True Market Value to determine price. Kelly Blue Book is the seller's friend, not the buyer's.

posted by  oplease19

I would only actually be spending about $4500 actually if I went with a Supra. And I know that the MK.3 isn't a mean killing machine performance wise and I actually kind of prefer the fact that it's on the luxury side. Although I haven't driven one yet I'm sure the 230 hp will tide me over.

posted by  Ferny

For your very own good buy a car that has best crash rating since you are unexperienced driver! That is what you need, not a fast car so you can end up under the earth faster then you thought. Belive me most mistakes parents and first time drivers do is buy a new car, fast car, small car ( no crash protection like abs etc )

posted by  Majo

you should have really posted that in the 'introduce yourself' threads, youd get a better reception too!!!

posted by  True_Brit

dont buy it ive seen an mk3 for $1,500 in auto trader magizine

posted by  resistanceking


This guy found one example of this car for cheap. It must be a bad car altogether.

posted by  PontiacFan27

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