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i just recently sold my 05 wrx and i bought a 95 eagle talon tsi with a 98 motor. i dont know too much about the talons. heres a list of what is in it...

ported 16g turbo(i spike at 20psi)
upgraded turbo manifold
greddy intercoller pipping
front mount
turboxs bov
hks high flow turbo back exhaust
255 walboro fuel pump
550cc injectors
injen cold air intake
turboxs dual stage boost controller
high performance plugs

im pretty sure thats it. i wanted to know what ecu upgrades i can do to a talon. what company would be best and somthing that would go well with all the upgrades and easy to install.


posted by  booostedTSI

This won't be too easy to install, but its the best there is out there as far as ECUs go. It's called Megasquirt. Standalone device which replaces the onboard ECU and is tuned via laptop. EVERYTHING the ECU would normally control can be tweaked any way you like it. Google Megasquirt.

posted by  PontiacFan27

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