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well guys just wanted to share this.... it was a warm evening, and me and my friend were stopping to get ice cream on the way home from getting some things, and as we pulled in he says "No way it can't be a skyline!" So as we were leaving, I drove by it and on the back it had the R 33 Badge, skyline taillights, and Skyline painted on the back. I drove around the front of it to get a better look, and saw the head lights. I was dumbfounded for a good 2-3 minutes trying to figure out what it really was. there were only teenagers there, not one older than 19, and no way they could afford a real one. So after looking at it i realized, it was a 99 Prelude. mocked up to look like a skyline. right beside it was a civic painted and had the lexus symbols of a
is300. Now what do you tell people you drive, a prelude painted like a skyline, or a skyline? I just thought it was interesting.....

posted by  pocko5000

Limited Edition Honda Skyline. Based on a Skyline, but other than a few minor visual changes, everything's been upgraded with parts from the Prelude. You should've asked them what it was lol.

posted by  chris_knows

ummm double post go down 1

posted by  Andrew0261

haha that funny i would never want my car to be look like something it not

posted by  Andrew0261

There's a guy who owns a BMW 318i in the automall where I work, though he works for Kia. He put some big ass chrome wheels on it, removed the "318i" badge and replaced it with an "///M3" badge. For a while it still had the piddly 318 single exhaust, but he eventually replaced that with a dual chrome exhaust. Its still obviously a 318i, it has no M3 body kit, nor M3 sound (or performance for that matter), I don't know who he thinks he's fooling. And no one in their right mind would stick large bling bling wheels on an M3 (these are like chrysler 300 style bling bling wheels). I just laugh whenever I pass. I'll have to take a picture one day.

posted by  Mathew

HAHA thats 2 funny... same with the "aka" skyline.. wow some people.. i guess they think it looks "cool" they just dont have enough money to afford the real thing..

posted by  hkyplayer92

Neither do most of us, but the money put into the visual upgrades could have been used to get the car a bit closer to M3 performance status.

posted by  chris_knows

You have to keep in mind to some people, visual appearance is far more important than 0-60 22 seconds. Case in point...
BLING BLING Y0!!! (http://jalopnik.com/cars/custom-cars/somebody-catch-it-now-donked-on-the-s trip-248332.php)
The $$ spent on those "RiMZ" and paint could have gone towards some slicks and performance mods (stronger axles maybe?). I'll never understand "donks".

(Sorry to hijack thread, but the comment about performance vs. visual appearance reminded me of that clip.)

posted by  elchango36


posted by  chris_knows

to legally drive the car on the road every day, do they have to switch the steering wheel from the right to the left side on a real skyline?

posted by  pocko5000

Right hand drive is legal in Canada and the U.S. To convert to left hand drive costs between $10,000 and $15,000.

posted by  chris_knows

i would have like to seen what the guy who owned the prelude would of said if you would of asked him if it was a skyline

posted by  tony-wwsmag

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