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The Lexus LS 460 was named 2007 World Car of the Year by a jury of top automotive journalists at the New York International Auto Show on Thursday.
The LS 460 was chosen from a field of 28 nominees. If offers the world’s first eight-speed automatic transmission. It also is renown as the first car that can parallel park itself, with a little help from cameras, computers and, oh yes, a driver. The two other finalists were Audi's new TT sports car and BMW's 2007 Mini

So how do you guys feel about that? s/world_car_of_the_year_winners/lexus_ls460_600wx399_l.jpg

posted by  slurm_sucka

how do i feel about it? exelent! cuz its a toyota product

posted by  mazda6man

Sweet car. I got to see it at the auto show, love the style, comfortable, lil pricey though.

I think i would have a hard time not grabbing the wheel as it parks itself

posted by  Voda48

i dont like it! if it had to be a lexus, id agree on the GS430! better looking car, i dont really like the bulky looks of the LS, dont get me wrong, the LS is nice but i dont really like it!
i know this isnt really related, but i was reading an article in a magazine, but the Ford Mondeo (ford contour to you) has appeared in the top 10 list of britains car of the year every year since its release in 1993 but never on top!:laughing:

p.s. Voda, like your Sig, but why do you choose a silhouette of a goat/ram?

posted by  True_Brit

Too bad the self-parking doesn't really go as smoothly as they would hope. I think it was Car and Driver that did a video test of it where they ended up hitting a van after trying to get it into a spot for well over 7 minutes.

posted by  PontiacFan27

It's a nice car, with lots of technology but a bit overpriced. The parallel parking thing is pretty nice but still too new. They still need to work some bugs out. I haven't heard about Car and Driver crashing it, but it does take a while

posted by  chris_knows

yeah, it may not be all that great of a self parking car... but it does the job a little better than others... cuz um, last i checked, noone else has one. (not smack talk, just conversation)

posted by  mazda6man

the GTO has always been referred to as the goat, since the muscle car days

posted by  nighthawk

I would rather not have one if it took 7 minutes and ended up hitting a car... You shouldn't release something if its horribly flawed. Good in theory != good in practice.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Wonder if your insurance covers that.

posted by  Voda48

No, but I'm pretty sure you could file a suit with Lexus over it.

posted by  PontiacFan27

How you pick the car of the year in April is beyond me.

So many good cars coming out too, like the new M3.

posted by  Bronxie

i really dont like how the new M3 looks for some reason

posted by  V-Tec

you're not the only one!:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

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