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Anybody know if Supra is still being made?

posted by  AvatarP

No. They have stopped making them

posted by  57ock

dude supra are bad 8)

posted by  xXSupra_2002Xx

Too much fast N furious for j000

posted by  57ock

i seen a guy run his off the road

posted by  CrazyCar

Supra's have HUGE potential...too bad they dont make them anymore. It's very easy to make one blow away Vipers with a few thousand bucks. Just add a single turbo and you have some serious HP

posted by  2k3SVTCobra

no..they have stoped about 5 years ago. Well i heard from a friend that they will be making supras soon in 04 or 05. Not sure if it is completly true but i have seen concept pics and it is ugly. Hopefully they will change alot from the pics.

posted by  GoOsEmAn

supra's are insanley awsome cars.. end of story

posted by  possessed_beaver

Yah supras were stopped being imported to america in 98 and stopped being made in japan in 2002 but are still being made for car tuning shops that want them. I've seen the new supra and its mad ugly, looks like a celica, but anyway its not comming to america.

posted by  suprarx7TT

too bad...they should start making them again..supras are nice!!! :D

posted by  giggles82

Supras are the enemy :)

posted by  57ock

havent bee made for a long time... i think '97 wan the last year

posted by  mazda6man

Who gives a shit.

posted by  SUPRA'S ARE GAY

I do. :screwy:

posted by  SuperJew

Me too.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I think we all do...

posted by  moostang104314

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