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Hey everyone, i just perchased a new 07 mazda miata in november and i know not alot of people have them yet, but when they do i really want mine to stand out, so im trying to find things to tweek it (body kit, ground effects, etc.) if anyone has any ideas what and where i could get that stuff for my ride let me know. Thanks


posted by  Khadgart

here are some pics of my car


posted by  Khadgart

Good looking car you've got there. Don't ruin it. :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

:laughing: thats a good tip!
youll find that what you put on it will be unique..........for a little while, someone somewhere will make thiers looking similar!
if it was mine, id get a body skirting kit and a boot lip spoiler for looks!

posted by  True_Brit

In my opinion, if he does anything to customise the car cosmetically, it'll have to be very discrete changes, otherwise it runs the risk of looking tacky.

posted by  Cliffy

New Spoiler For Sure

posted by  eaglehead18

Trunk lid lip/spoiler...:thumbs: Discrete and tasteful.

posted by  elchango36

Try miata.net .

Everything you need or want to know about or for the Miata.

posted by  jcutsh

i have tryed that, theirs nothing for my car, its to new i guess

posted by  Khadgart

If something new comes out for the 2007, it will be posted at miata.net first.
I can assure you mazda speed and others who advertise there take care of their loyal fan base. There are a lot of bolt-ons which will fit the 2007 from the 2000 thru 2006. Just go to the forum and ask.

Enjoy your new car. You will not have to baby this vehicle. I have 94,000 miles on mine, and I hit 7200 rpm, 8 or 9 times every single day. I know many who drive theirs daily, and spend 6 to 8 hours racing each weekend. Use Redline products in the engine, tranny, and diff and it will last forever.

It's a great car.

posted by  jcutsh

Lower and more powA!

posted by  PontiacFan27

So anyone know how much it is to add a turbo to the engine? and is it easy to do ground effects on a car?

posted by  Khadgart

How old are you and where do you live?
What is your driving experience?

posted by  jcutsh

Beautiful color combo.

posted by  jedimario

Im 18 and live in Kansas, the only experience i have is driving for 2 years.

posted by  Khadgart

I don’t think you need a turbo just yet. The Miata is a fine tuned automobile. It will do many things lots of other cars will not. You should spend a couple of years learning how to drive what you have. The addition of a turbo is so drastic that many young drivers can’t handle the change.

Just add an approved SCCA roll bar and go have some fun. Don’t buy non-approved. Many are for looks alone and will not support the weight of the car in case of rollover.

Here is the SCCA Miata site.

Here is the Kansas Miata Club site.

Here is the Miata racing site. There are races in Topeka and Salina. Go to some races. These guys love to talk about their cars.

Here is a good site for parts and goodies.

Be careful when you start adding performance parts on your Miata. I have watched young guys spend thousands of dollars on special springs, special shocks, special tires, more power. . . etc, and then get beaten by a stock Miata. If you can’t drive, you just can’t drive.

Join a club. It is only about 25 bucks for the year. It’s fun to go on a road trip with 50 other Miata’s. And you will learn from the other owners.

posted by  jcutsh

Wow thanks dude :clap:

posted by  Khadgart

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